How to Get Women to Approach You First by Using Clever Mind Tricks!


Would you like to know how to attract women easily? How about learning how to get women to approach you? That would be amazing right? If a woman approaches you, life is so much easier. All you need to do is play it relaxed and collect the women.

However, you need to learn how to use the “Jedi Mind Trick” on her, are you with me? She is not just going to come up to you,unless you know what her “hot button” is.

How to find The Hot Button

This may sound naughty, but it is not what you think it is. the objective is to get women you desire. For that to happen you need to know what makes her “tick”. That is what finding “the hot button” is about.

The best way to do this is to use your ears, listen to what she is talking about and fulfill her needs. Let me explain how this works. You are in a bar and you over hear a couple of ladies talking about a guy that ran off with her best mate.

Bingo! You have found her “hot button”. She is upset and vulnerable right now. She is looking for a guy that is different to the rest and not some “want to be player”!

So, forget about trying to be the ladies man with this girl. You need to project that you are the ideal man, a perfect gentleman. Do you see how you need to adapt to the situation?

Executing The Jedi Mind Trick

No that you know what she wants, you need to take immediate action. Get close to the ladies and involve your friend in the devious mind game.

Start a casual conversation about how you were hurt by a cheating girlfriend and how you do not understand why it has happened. Extend the conversation to include details of how you done everything for your ex, and she took advantage of your kindness.

Be very detailed and state all the things you done to keep her happy. For example you could say, you took her on holiday, bought her a car, massaged her feet after work, are you with me?

basically, really play out the situation. The key to learning how to get women to approach you is your body language. If you start looking at her, she will see right through your plan. You need to concentrate on the conversation with your friend.

Get your friend to go to the toilet, and as he walks away she will approach you because you have made a connection with her. Do not over complicate this technique, this is how to get women interested in you. If you really want some great results Click Here Now!


Source by Linda Hilton