How to Increase Mileage Over 40% With Hod (hydrogen on Demand)


Since Roger Billings (aka “hydrogen man”; and “Dr. Hydrogen” by Time magazine 2003) built the very first hydrogen powered automotive in 1965, hydrogen cars have come a long way. You could simply walk into a car sale and buy a:
• BMW Hydrogen 7
• Mercedes-Benz F cell
• GM Hy-wire or a
• Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE

However the price tags of these cars are currently beyond the reach of the average American citizen. However, recently scientists have created a “conversion kit” thanks to an nearly a century old patented technology that was under the radars (or forced to stay under the radars). This conversion kit makes it possible for regular cars, vans, SUVs, or even trucks, both petrol and diesel, to be converted to run on hydrogen.

The converted car would be slightly different from Roger Billings’ hydrogen vehicle, as these cars don’t need a hydrogen storage tank. This new technology produces hydrogen onboard the car only when necessary and therefore termed ‘Hydrogen On Demand’ (HOD) technology. Another difference with HOD is that it doesn’t power the engine totally on hydrogen, but simply provides additional energy to gasoline. The technology has been patented over 50 times by different scientists; the very first patent overmore than 70 years old. A few examples are: US Patent 4,573,435 (Glen Shelton: Apparatus and method for generating hydrogen gas for use as a fuel additive in diesel engines); United States Patent 4,380,970 (Roy Davis: Combustion engines); and United States Patent 4,256,060 (Donald Kelly: Manifold hydrogen generator units for automotive I.C. engines).

Why convert?
Because there are claims of doubling of mileage in Corollas, 60MPG Ford Escorts so on and so forth with HOD technology!
OBVIOUSLY, I found the whole concept pretty disturbing and hard to believe. But, I knew that “everything that sounds too good to be true isn’t necessarily fake”. During the 19th century, people wouldn’t have believed that man would step on the moon or would read news on a computer monitor like you’re doing just now, but all those things did happen.
This is when I started to research on HOD and this is a glimpse of what I found:
• President George Bush talking on the benefits of Hydrogen on CNN
• Fox news item about it
• WYFF4 talking about it
• MSNBC news item about it
• Iceland’s buses running on hydrogen
• 2200 Japanese homes are hydrogen powered
• Denmark has a hydrogen power plant

So what do you think? Hydrogen will save you 40% gas?


Source by Chuck Rabel