How To Meet Good Girls in Thailand


You can avoid ending up in a bad relationship with a Thai girl by being smart about who you go out with in the first place. Don’t go out with the first pretty girl that smiles at you and instead spend some time meeting good girls.

If you want to meet a good Thai woman and have a good relationship, then go to one of the Thai dating sites such as ThaiLoveLinks. It’s one of the best dating sites along with ThaiLoveLines. Before you sign up, then realize that some of these girls are not going to be entirely truthful when you talk with them. So, it makes good sense to cut down on the risk of being taken for a ride:

  • Look for a real match and connection, not just at the pictures. Will you really have much in common with a 23 year old girl? Be clear about what you want. At the very least you’d like to meet someone who speaks decent English (not just ‘some’, which if a girl writes this, usually means she speaks close to no English). Set an age range appropriate to your own. Do you want her to have an office job and an education? Kids? Set your parameters and try to stick to them!
  • Always, chat on webcam first, so you can get a recent view of the Thai girl in question. Many Thai women use a picture that is 10 years old and 20 kgs lighter. Chat with them for some time. Take your time to find out if she interests you.
  • Call them up on the phone a few times and see if she has a sense of humor and can understand what you say. Don’t nessecarily set up a meeting on the first call or promise to meet them if you are outside Thailand. There’s nothing worse than meeting up and finding out she speaks no English at all.
  • Make a list of girls you would like to meet, but keep it at a number you can handle (5 or 6 is ok, 10 is not). Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You may find out that there is no chemistry in real life or that one of them will flake. It’s ok to cancel with the others if you find one you really like. That’s part of the game and they will understand that.


Source by Huey Davis