Hydrogen Cells – The Easy Add on For a More Efficient Car


Hydrogen has been shown to be a great potential resource for an alternative fuel. To fuel a hydrogen cell you just need water a readily available resource.. You just need to convert water to its parts and you have the fuel you are looking for to run your car.. Originally proposed by scientist Nikola Tesla there are rumors it was suppressed for political reasons. Despite the fact that it is now seen as a new technology it has been proposed for quite some time..

A hydrogen cell can increase your gas mileage significantly..Combining hydrogen with your current fuel allows you to get 50% or more mileage from the same amount of fuel.

This works because hydrogen gets used at very close to 100% efficiency. Compare that with the normal 20% or so of the average fossil fuel. Combined the hydrogen allows the fossil fuel to burn more efficiently and with much less pollution due to the increased efficiency.

Now just to keep you from being confused here are a few definitions to help you. “Hydrogen fuel cells” is a term that applies to a system that breaks down water into the base elements allowing you to run a car on water..All of these terms stand for the same process as a hydrogen cell – hydrogen oxygen converter, hydrogen generator, hydroxy gas, HHO, Brown’s gas, and hydrogen converter.

All of these systems do the same thing. You put together a simple hydrogen conversion system (a glass jar, a couple of engine hoses, a fuse, mounted to feed into the existing fuel system etc.). and then add this to your gas or diesel engine and combine it with your existing fuel source.

This system removes the hydrogen and oxygen from water and into their initial elements and you add the two of them to your existing fuel source. Combine this with your existing fuel source and your fuel will now burn more efficiently.

Adding the hydrogen and oxygen to the system causes your current fuel to burn much more efficiently. This creates more power from the same amount of fuel simply due to the efficiency.

You gain not only fuel savings but because of the increase in efficiency you are running a cleaner engine with more power for a smoother ride especially under load. This also means less pollution comes out of the tail pipe.

You can easily create a hydrogen cell with parts you can find at your local hardware store. If you are not mechanical you can have your favorite mechanic add this for you quite easily.

There are numerous videos available that show the positive results people are getting using this technology. In South Carolina a small town converted all of their police cars to this technology and it was reported on station WYFF News 4. This technology does work now and has been proved out.

Converting your car to use a hydrogen cell is extremely easy. There are step by step guides to show you exactly how to do this. It can be bolted on to your existing engine with just a few blots and easily removed if you decide it is not for you.


Source by Steve Robinson