Illinois Car Accident Lawyers Plead for you to Stop Talking and Driving


Illinois car accident lawyers beg you to keep off the cell phones when you are driving. Cell phones have almost become a necessity for some people rather than a convenience. They have become so much a part of the day that drivers tend to forget that talking on the phone can truly take away from their attention. Even when a person has a hands free phone, distractions are still inevitable.

Any Illinois injury lawyer will tell you that they have seen it time and time again. People are injured or killed every day by car accidents caused by people on their cell phones. People tend to take their driving for granted. They think they can talk and drive without any issues.  

The problem is that it only takes one second to cause an accident. If you are upset with your husband, wife, whoever, your mind is on the situation at hand and not on the road.  Tempers can flair causing you to miss that yellow light or that stop sign. Unfortunately, Illinois personal injury lawyers seem to get many of these calls. A call from a father who has lost his wife and children because a teenager was on the cell phone and was not paying attention to the four way stop or from a mother whose teenager was killed by someone else’s dad on an important business call, so he wasn’t paying attention.

Illinois personal injury lawyers will tell you that talking is not your only problem. It is the text messaging that has really become an issue. You would think that it goes without saying to not text while you are driving. Teens need to actually be told this and not only told this but shown what the consequences are when they choose to text and drive.  

Illinois accident lawyers are trying to get the word out to everyone. It is not just teens using their cell phones. Moms, dads, employees, employers, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins, kids – no matter who you are, you are risking the lives of someone else by making that decision to talk and drive.  

Illinois personal injury lawyers are glad to hear that Illinois will follow suit on banning cell phone use while driving. Illinois will be the 17th state to ban texting while driving. The following states already have some type of law in place for texting and driving: Oregon, New Hampshire, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington and the District of Columbia already have laws in place. It is our turn to stand up to protect our citizens. Hopefully, talking and driving will be the next law to be passed.

These senseless deaths caused by talking or texting and driving is sickening and something needs to be done to protect the unsuspecting other driver who is paying attention to the road. You are urged by Illinois accident lawyers to pay attention to what is happening around you. Cell phones can kill, and they are hoping to avoid someone you love being killed by someone who was having a conversation and not paying attention to the road. Take action now. Make it a rule in your home that cell phones are off limits, whether texting or talking when driving.


Source by Ivancopper