Improving Your Car's Performance & Gas Mileage


If you want to improve your Vehicle’s gas mileage & performance at the same time, there are some things that you can try. These are some basic, and tried and true methods that have worked for thousands, so you may want to consider these first. Here are four techniques that can make your car run better,faster and in some cases improve your gas mileage.

Deep Breathing Techniques

It is extremely important for your motor to properly breathe when it runs. Most stock motors are designed for the engine to run with a minimum of emissions. If you want your engine to breathe better, you will need to make a few modifications. Headers and cold air intakes will help your motor breathe a little better.

Exhaust Headers

Aftermarket Exhaust Headers are not anything new, but they still work. A good set of aftermarket headers can relieve a great deal of back pressure on the system by expelling more exhaust gases than the restrictive stock system. It is not enough to just have a dual exhaust. Headers go a step further and let’s your engine remove a lot more exhaust gases better.

There are many different kinds of headers to choose from. For example, many people are choosing ceramic headers, these days. They resist corrosion and help to dissipate heat better than standard headers. They also make your under hood area look much better. If you can afford the extra money, they may be a viable option.

Cold Air Intakes

Cold air intakes are an excellent and fairly easy modification that most any one can do on just about any make or model car. Usually the only tools needed to install one of these kits is a screw driver & a small adjustable wrench. Basically, you replace your stock air-box with a cold air kit modification. This intake allows your motor to draw in cool air from outside of the engine bay. Cooler air is more dense than the hot air under your hood, it also contains more oxygen, and the more oxygen rich cold dense air your engine gets, the more power it will make & the better it will run.

There are two basic advantages to cold air intakes. The first advantage is a better, faster running car. The other is, you can increase your gas mileage by making your engine more efficient, so eventually this modification will pay for itself.

Underdrive Pulleys

Underdrive pulleys refer to larger accessory pulleys (like the alternator) or smaller crankshaft pulleys, than stock. The reasoning is very simple. If your crankshaft pulley is smaller than your accessory pulleys, it will spin faster than the accessories. This means that your alternator and power steering pump may run a little slower, but your motor will run faster. This can give you an increase in horsepower. This kind of modification is not very difficult to perform.

Taller Gears

This modification refers to the gear ratio in the rear end of the car. Taller means larger gears are installed, and this will serve to give more engine torque. It is also referred to as being low geared.

When you car is geared low, you will have a lot of low end or immediate speed. This is very good for passing and overtaking other vehicles on the road. It is also a good for cars that are used for drag racing.

There are disadvantages to taller than stock gears though. You will not be able to run as fast on the highway. It also will lower your gas mileage on the highway.


Source by JonathanSotomayor Jr.