Inexpensive Kit Turns Any Car or Truck Into a Hybrid


Water and Gas is a technology based on splitting water “on board” a vehicle, and using the resulting gases not to drive the vehicle – but to boost the efficiency of its combustion.

It is a Do-It-Yourself technology, specifically designed for beginners with no special tools and very limited budgets. A working system can be built at home with basic hand tools for $20-$100, installed in minutes and removed in seconds.

No modifications to the engine, computer or fuel injection systems, so any backyard mechanic can install it easily.

This is a simple structure based on low cost hardware. Although there is a myriad of hydrogen generating designs out there, this one is the simplest and also the safest for the beginner. The electrolyzer, bubbler and water reservoir have all been combined into one super-simple device.

Another advantage is the employment of coiled/spiraled electrode WIRES – rather than flat plates or spiraled plates. The magnetic vortex created by the coil assists water splitting, so you don’t need as much power from the car’s electrical system, thus simplifying the system even further and lowering its cost.

Three major factors work together to cause water splitting: direct current flowing through the electrode wires to the water, the magnetic vortex created by the shape of the electrodes, and the vacuum provided by the engine itself.

The effects of this technology is lowered emissions and improved mileage, simply due to a MORE COMPLETE COMBUSTION. Today’s internal combustion engines suffer from poor efficiency of 20%-25%, as any mechanic will tell you; 75%-80% of the gasoline, instead of being converted to forward motion, is instead converted to pollution and carbon deposits (unburned fuel), as well as heat (global warming), vibration and noise (knocking/pinging).

THE MAIN PROBLEM IS OVERSIZED FUEL DROPLETS IN THE MIXTURE. The Hydrogen, being such a small particle, hits a droplet, cuts it into smaller droplets and attaches itself to the smaller droplets. Now the finer, hydrogen-enhanced mixture, is capable of burning more thoroughly.

On top of improved performance, the engine steam-cleans itself every day, and the resulting effect is smoother and quieter operation. One person who tried this kit was shocked when she checked her engine oil and was sure that her oil ran totally out. Actually what happened was that while she was expecting dark brown, dirty oil, the oil was actually so transparent that she could not see it on the dip stick. Her 20-year-old car is as smooth now (with this device on) as it was when she bought it 17 years ago.

Another lady “complained” that she could not hear the engine running…but to her surprise the car was still moving along.

This technology is not capable of running a car on water alone. The aim is not to replace gasoline but to enhance it – and open the door and the mind to the possibilities of waterfuel technology. With correct fine tuning you can DOUBLE the mileage, rendering a new energy balance: half gasoline, half water. Very little water is used, in an economy car it’s around 2700 miles per gallon of distilled water, together with 4-6 teaspoons of household baking soda as a catalyst. It has been demonstrated many times that the fuel consumption of a 4-stroke generator can also be cut in half with this technology.

Not all cars, loads and driving conditions will gain the same, obviously. Realistic expectations are for more than 10%-50% improvement in fuel economy, however daily success stories range from experimenters who are seeing gains of 80%-100% in various vehicles. For some, significant economy gains inflict a revelation that something can be done about it, while for others it’s a life changing factor.

This technology and how to manufacture it, exists in a free marketplace where sellers and buyers of actual systems can find each other and trade without interference. Like in the Golden Age of Greece – no police, very little government.

There are more than 3200 satisfied customers, over 400 registered independent manufacturers/installers, and an unknown number of affiliates promoting this technology all over the world.

All in all, Water and Gas technology has become a buzzword for practicality and affordability. This all shows that something can be done about gas prices, pollution and global warming, you can gladly take an active role and help to spread the word.

At the time of writing, this technology is only for gasoline and diesel cars and trucks. However many experimenters are working on adaptations to propane/LPG/CNG propelled vehicles, as well as boats and other applications such as stationary generators.

It has been predicted by some that this water and gas hybrid technology will start showing up in production cars as soon as 2012. However, at this time you can actually do it yourself seeing as how the kits are simply “add-ons” that do not change anything already equipped on the vehicle.


Source by SETH MANNE