Introducing An Industry Great – Lexus


The Lexus brand has become synonymous with style and luxury, not to mention innovation. Whoever came up with the tagline of Pursuit of Perfection has done very well.

Lexus was originally launched in 1983 by Japanese car manufacturer Toyota. The Toyota Company wanted to launch a range of luxury vehicles that would cost more because of all the bonuses that go with owning a luxury car. However they didn’t want consumers to get distracted by the prices of the Lexus when the Toyota was an affordable and user friendly car. The Lexus brand then expanded to the US in 1989 and was only introduced in to the Japanese market in 2005.

There is a good reason for the fact that Japan only got to experience Lexus much later than the United States. The main reasons is that until 2005 the company was not a separate entity and was still operating as a division under Toyota. In 2005 it was established as a new company and the Toyota corporation still has a large percentage of shares in Lexus.

Lexus has become synonymous with luxury, comfort, style as well as a fairly hefty price tag. The competitors that Lexus goes up against are companies BMW and Mercedes Benz. Whilst these are well established automobile manufacturers and have been around for a long time, Lexus has made a significant foot print in the automobile market and is in fact a keen competitor of both of these highly successful brands.

Lexus cars include sports utility vehicles, coupes, convertibles and sedans. So there is a choice for everyone. If you want to get a beach buggy though, then this is definitely not the brand for you.

Reliability and customer service have also become two major factors that have led to Lexus becoming so successful. In the United States, Lexus has been voted as the Most Reliable Brand fourteen times. Now in a market which is flooded for choice and doesn’t return if they don’t like something, that is a testimony to the brilliance of this automobile manufacturer.

Despite the fact that Lexus is recognised as a manufacturer of luxury cars, this does not mean that it is unable to take care of the environment at the same time. This is something that has come to the fore with the introduction of its hybrid cars to the market. The company’s design team has done an incredible job. The fact that you can have a hybrid that is also rated as a performance car is fantastic and there are many happy drivers on the road as a result of the ingenuity of this team of people.

One might not think about the cost efficiency of a Lexus but this is true when one considers that the hybrid models are made in such a way that they make use of fuel more efficiently than normal. This is because they are able to run off both fuel and electrical power. As a result of this there are many people who want to buy the car that has become known as an environmentally friendly brand.

Lexus has proved that age is not everything in the car manufacturing market and is a very serious contender in the global stage. It is likely that this company will continue to be incredibly influential in the years to come.


Source by Andy Zain