Is your husband cheating on you in Thailand with a Thai bar girl?


It is an ever increasing amount of awareness of the problem as we receive many more requests for this type of investigation than we have ever had before in the past.  So how do you know if your husband is having an affair with a Thai woman who in reality may be a prostitute?

Thailand prostitues and your husband

There are many signs but the most obvious would be frequent trips to Thailand, money transfer to Thailand, phone calls and sms messages coming from Thailand, or other signs that something is going on.  One ever increasing story is we have women contacting us saying their husband recently got a prescription for sex enhancing drugs and is heading to Thailand, we have had inquiries like this on several occasions, and especially over the last three years.  Word must be spreading of this activity in western nations.

If your husband or fiancee is here in Thailand on a business or “pleasure” trip there is very high probability he is

now, or has been with a Thai girl here, that you don’t know about.  There are many husbands cheating in Thailand on a daily basis.  Many of the cheating husbands we investigate don’t even have the presence of mind or respect to remove their wedding ring when they enter a go go bar and leave with a Thai prostitute. The next time your husband goes on a business or pleasure trip to Bangkok, or anywhere else in Thailand, or if he is here now, let us know and we will tell you exactly where he goes and what he does. Chances are he will follow suit and go to one of the many sex clubs or go go bars here… and leave with a girl on his arm!

It is a very common thing here in Thailand and we see married men in clubs, discos, go go bars, and other sex related venues all the time.  Most men would never expect they would be under investigation here in Thailand, so if your husband is having an extramarital affair in Thailand, it is highly likely we will be able to catch him in the act and provide you with photographic evidence.  In most cases like this we have a very good success rate.

Gary Crocker is an International Private Investigator working in Asia including Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines.  Gary has extensive experience in the region and specializes in infidelity cases.  You can contact Gary though his website


Source by Gary Crocker