Japanese Used Cars for Sale: Import FAQs for Mozambique


For Mozambicans looking to buy Japanese used cars for sale, import regulations are necessary to know. These regulations can function as guidelines for anyone who is interested in purchasing secondhand car units from Japan. In addition, these regulations also provide information on the importation process, the requirements that need to be submitted, the taxes that have to be paid, and the clearing process for pre-owned cars coming into the country. Here are the frequently asked questions about importing used cars into Mozambique.

Where are the imported cars shipped?
The most popular port for shipments from Japan going to Mozambique is the maritime port of Maputo. Some importers also prefer Durban because of its more frequent shipping schedules; however, it comes with a higher price. If you are purchasing two or more vehicles, you may also have your container shipped to Beira or Nacala.

What is the minimum or maximum age of imported cars in Mozambique?
There is no age restriction for importing pre-owned vehicles to Mozambique, so buyers can choose from vehicles of any age—just make sure these are in good working order! There are Japanese models that are known to be reliable, fuel-efficient, and high-performing even with age. Secondhand units also usually have low mileage and are well-maintained by their previous owners.

Should import cars be left-hand drive or right-hand drive?
Mozambique allows the import of both left-hand drive and right-hand drive vehicles, but it is mainly a right-hand driving country. Buyers can choose from both lists of LHD and RHD vehicles for sale.

What is the pre-shipment inspection programme?
The pre-inspection is mandatory for goods and Japanese used cars for sale (imported into Mozambique). This is a roadworthiness inspection that makes sure a car about to be shipped is in proper condition.

Who will inspect the car?
The-pre-shipment testing is done by an inspection center appointed by the Government of Mozambique. The Intertek Government and Trade Services is the official company that has been appointed by the Mozambican government to carry out the pre-shipment inspection for used cars in Japan.

What is the inspection process?
To apply for the Intetek Inspection, the owner will first apply for a MOZ number for their car from the Intertek office in Rua da Namaacha, 492 (Complexo de Frexpo) in Maputo. The owners have to bring the invoice with the engine number sent by their exporter. Buyers and importers are required to accomplish a Pre-Advice Form for the car/s subject to inspection. When Intertek has received the form, Intertek will contact the exporter/seller and arrange for the inspection in Japan. All buyers Japanese used cars for sale (imported to Mozambique) will undergo this process. The inspection can take up to ten days. If the inspection findings are satisfactory, Intertek will issue a DUC or certification to the owner, and the shipment schedule will be arranged by the exporter.
Cars that have been shipped but don’t have a certificate will have to be inspected at the destination port or customs clearance point. Full shipment costs and ten percent of the car’s CIF value are required to be paid before the car is cleared. To avoid this, make sure that Japanese used cars for sale imported into Mozambique go through the pre-shipment roadworthiness inspection while it’s still in Japan. Just follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to having your own car in Mozambique!


Source by Kyoko Nitori