Jp Importz Inc Dallas Independent Lexus Toyota Service Repair and Performance Center


JP Importz offers complete services and repair for Lexus and Toyota vehicles in the Dallas-Fort worth Metroplex. Our goal is to provide you the best quality automotive service available. Each professional technician at JP Importz regularly attends training seminars and our equipmentis continually upgraded so that we can fulfill our commitment to you: that your vehicle will be maintained using the most up-to-date diagnostic and

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repair procedures available. We double-check your vehicle before returning it to you to ensure that the job is done right the first time, and we perform follow-up calls to make sure you are satisfied with the work you have paid for. We at JP Importz Inc Company began our Lexus and Toyota Service and Repair business in 2003. Our Service Techs have an average of 10 years experience servicing and repairing Lexus and Toyota automobiles.

At JP Importz

  • Superior customer service is our #1 priority
  • Excellent service at excellent price
  • We provide a 24-hour loan car for major service and any repair that require 3 hour shop billable shop or more.
  • Our standard warranty is 20 monhs-20 thousand miles parts and labor.
  • ASE Certified Master Techinicians
  • Certified Maseter Lexus Techinicians

JP Importz Inc & JPI Racing is a full service Lexus and Toyota repair facility that is factory trained and specializes in the service, repair and performance of Lexus and Toyota vehicles. We have over 15+years of combined Lexus and Toyota experience while working at one of Park Place Lexus dealerships. At the Lexus dealership, we received extensive factory training and became Certified Master Lexus Technicians. We have Diagnostic Specialist Certifications, as well as ASE Master Technician certifications. JP Importz has been in business proudly serving Dallas Forth Worth Plano Garland metro area Lexus and Toyota customers since 2003. What set us apart from other independent repair facilities is our experience, caring-honest attitude, and desire to provide the best service at the lowest prices. We have developed strong relationships with many of our customers, many of whom we consider family. As an independent Lexus/Toyota service center, we are able to offer dealership amenities at significantly reduced costs; typically our customers report savings as much as half the cost of dealership services.

Service and Repair
 At JP Importz Inc & JPI Racing we provide a wide variety of services to keep your Lexus and Toyota vehicle in best condition possible. Whether it is preventive maintenance, periodic maintenance according to factory schedules or minor or major, our staff has the skills, aptitude, and equipment to give your car the best attention it deserves. We have an extensive library to factory manuals, guides, and service bulletins that are kept up to date to ensure the highest quality service, including but not limited to Computer diagnostic

Custom Fabrication
Are you looking for a custom fuel line that can only fabricated? Do you want a custom turbo set up or intake piping? At JP Importz Inc & JPI Racing, we can meet all of your fabrication needs as we design & manufacture everything from flanges to full to full turbo kits. We have an in-house welder with 20+years of automotive fabrication experience to ensure that the all best quality is always delivery. Additional, we provide a full warranty on all our products. Call us, Email or AIM us as we are here to help you with your custom fabrication needs

Installation Services
Our Technician at JP Importz Inc. & JPI Racing are experience with all classes of Lexus and Toyota applications. From full engine build to holt-ons, we can serve your needs. JP Importz & JPI Racing known how to custom design & build your Lexus and Toyota vehicle for street, show, or track racing. Our factory trained and experienced technicians can make your Lexus and Toyota custom show car dream happen. Give us a call and let us show what we can do for you.


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