Key Questions to Ask Your Chicago Car Accident Attorney

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When you have suffered an injury in an auto accident, life can be difficult. You may be disabled and off work, with an inability to pay your medical and household bills, in pain, and uncertain when you can get back on your feet, meet your responsibilities, and when your life can return to normal.

It is not necessary for you to confront these issues alone. An experienced Chicago car accident attorney at Lipkin & Higgins will be able to relieve you of the difficult decisions regarding insurance and investigative matters, and let you solely concentrate on getting well.

If you are like most injured persons, you will have the following questions concerning your case, which you should take up during the initial, free consultation with your Chicago car accident attorney at Lipkin & Higgins:

How soon after my accident do I need to hire a Chicago car accident attorney?

The more serious your injury, the sooner you should hire a Chicago car accident attorney. Insurance companies – which are the payment source for an accident – do not wait passively after a serious accident occurs to begin their investigation, assembling witness statements, developing a theory under which they can defend paying your claim. Insurance companies are not “neutral” entities. Rather, they are driven by desire for profit for their share holders, profit that is reduced when claims have to be paid. Once an insurance company denies a claim, or decides that the value of your claim should be limited to your contributory negligence, it can take extra months or years, and a lot of expense, to prove otherwise to them. The point is not that insurance companies are inherently unjust–they aren’t–but that they can look on evidence in a way favorable to their interests. Going it alone can sacrifice a successful case on the shoals of defeat, an outcome that can be avoided if you hire a Chicago car accident attorney promptly after your accident.

How can I afford to hire a Chicago car accident attorney?

The Chicago car accident attorneys at Lipkin & Higgins work on a contingent fee basis, which means that we get paid only if we successfully prosecute your case. We do not require a retainer. If you do not receive compensation, we do not receive a fee.

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my case?

At some firms, the person you talk with on the phone, and meet during the initial consultation, is not the attorney who will represent you if your case is accepted. In fact, you may never meet your attorney face to face. You may be asked to have your case referred to another law firm altogether. At Lipkin & Higgins, we believe it is important for the client to be brought into the legal process, to have trust and confidence in their attorney – a trust and confidence that best develops when the client knows from the very beginning who their attorney is – and who to call with questions. We believe that trust is further developed when surprises, and unsupportable but easy-to-make promises, are kept to a minimum. Our goal is for you to feel like you are being treated honestly, truthfully, and professionally.

How long will my case take?

Because so many lawsuits are filed in Cook County, it can take 2-4 years for your car accident case to appear for trial. Of course, settlement can occur at any time prior to trial. A Chicago car accident attorney at Lipkin & Higgins will communicate all settlement offers to you, and help you evaluate whether the offer is good, bad, or somewhere in between. We do not settle your case, you do – with our active input, information you have learned about the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and your life situation. Our goal is to equip you with information that will allow you to make the best possible choice for you and your family.

The Chicago car accident attorneys at Lipkin & Higgins are experienced personal injury and Chicago car accident attorneys and negotiators. For a free consultation, call Lipkin and Higgins at 312-857-1710 or visit them online at


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