Ladder Accidents


Over 500,000 are injured every year from ladder accidents and it is estimated that around 300 people die every year falling from a ladder. The numbers are startlingly large, especially because there are many ways that these accidents can be prevented. Because of improper safety precautions and work conditions, many ladder accidents for people on the job. The OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, has protocol for ladders on worksites:

  • All ladders must be inspected before use
  • If there is a found defect, they must be tagged and removed from the site
  • They must be kept clean, free of all greases and oils
  • Ladders must not be overloaded
  • Do not move the ladder if someone is on it
  • Do not walk under a ladder
  • Do not stand on the top step
  • Face the ladder when going down
  • Always have at least 3 points of contact when on a ladder

The OSHA maintains a strict protocol because of the inherent dangers ladders possess. Ladder accidents can result in wrongful deaths or injuries. For these reasons, there are many attorneys skilled at handling ladder accident cases in and outside of the courts.

Why Ladder Accidents Happen

In general, ladder accidents tend to happen because:

  1. The ladder was not properly secured to the building
  2. The ladder was misused
  3. The ladder did not have fall protection, or, if it did, it was not enough

Who is Responsible For an Injury?

Construction workers are most at risk since ladders and construction go hand-in-hand. If the working conditions at the construction site are not to par, the inherent risk of work increases. In some cases, ladders have been found to be rotting, broken or cracked and unstable due to prolonged wear and tear and yet, they are still in service. In other instances, an employee will be told to something that is not deemed safe by the OSHA. If, while complying with orders the worker is injured, then the employer is liable. Furthermore, if the work zone failed to provide a safe working place for their employees, other people are liable as well. These include:

  • Work contractors
  • Work sub-contractors
  • The equipment manufacturers
  • The tool manufacturers
  • The landlords
  • The materials suppliers

If you, a loved one or someone you know has sustained a ladder injury due to an accident at work, there is legal action that you can take. Please visit the website of Atlanta, Georgia Robbins & Associates, P.C. who has have experience in dealing with work-related injuries and wrongful death suits.


Source by Erich Shrefler