Learning All About Automobile Fuses


Everybody is familiar with the term fuse in an automobile. The main function of automobile or automotive fuse is to protect the wiring of an automobile. Automobile manufacturers cut the fuse into different lengths. When there is enough energy in a vehicle, it may blow off the radio. In such cases, the automobile fuse prevents the radio from being burnt.

The automobile fuse is the main part of the electronic system inside an automobile. If something goes wrong with the electronic system of a vehicle, the automotive fuse prevents it from burning. Moreover, if the fuse is burnt, the car automatically stops functioning with certain minor changes occurring in the car. Some of the minor changes that take place are:

1. Radio stops working.
2. Lights go off.

Automotive fuse need to be checked properly in case of any malfunctioning. Some may find the automobile fuse in the vehicle easily, while others may have trouble in finding it. The fuse box is usually located near the steering wheel or under the cabinet. You can easily locate the fuse and resolve the problem on your own.

Types of Automobile Fuses:

There are two types of automotive fuses found in most of the automobiles.

1. The first type of automobile fuse is in the form of a glass. It is cylindrical in shape and has stainless steel at the ends and glass at the center.

2. The second type is made of plastic with a link, which acts as another fuse.

How To Check The Fuse?

The user manuals accompanied with automobiles help to check the vehicle on your own. A user manual will guide you on how and where to locate the fuse in the car or any other automobile. Most of the automobiles have the automotive fuse located near the car cover.

The user manual gives you systematic instructions. Once the fuse box is located, read the manual carefully to check the fuse that is nonfunctional. For example, if the turn indicators of a vehicle are not working, verify their numbers through the chart given in the vehicle’s manual.

After this, you can remove the nonfunctional fuse by following the instructions given in the manual. You may remove the fuse with your hands. Remove the particular fuse and check if it is blown or burnt. If the metal coil inside is separated, it means the fuse is blown. You need to replace the fuse that is burnt.

When looking for a replacement, you need to look for the amperage rating of the fuse that is blown. It is a bit risky to use a fuse with different amperage rating, as it may blow the fuse again and damage the equipment it is designed to protect. After understanding the replacement process, you can easily replace it into the slot meant for the fuse. In this way, you can identify and solve the problem of burnt fuse yourself.

Finally, at present, with automobiles getting cheaper and cheaper, you can get automobile fuses in almost every automobile fuse stores.


Source by Tom Tessin