Leg Pain Due To Stomach Flu


Leg Pain Due To Stomach Flu

If you have frequent leg pains without any apparent reason, it could be due to stomach flu. Stomach flu leg pain is usually accompanied by pain in the lower back and weakness. It leaves you irritable and lethargic.

Why Leg Pain Occurs?

Stomach flu is a disease that affects the digestive system, mainly the stomach and the intestines. It causes inflammation and irritation of the gastrointestinal tract. It is usually caused by virus and bacteria. The rapid production of virus or bacteria in the body challenges the body’s defense mechanism. Our body utilizes a large amount of energy to fight the illness thus leaving us weak and miserable. The main symptoms of stomach flu are diarrhea and vomiting. This reduces the water content of our body, which causes the salts in the body to run wild. At this time, our body needs a lot of water and if this requirement is not met, it may cause dehydration. Without the water to dilute the salts they start detracting the body’s water resources. This causes decreased tear production, dry skin and dry mouth. The body’s energy is sapped due to dehydration, and this causes aches and pains. You may experience waves of pain in the lower leg and the calf.

Other Causes of Leg Pain

The effects of stomach flu are responsible for leg pain even though it doesn’t directly cause the pain. Frequent trips to the bathroom due to excessive diarrhea and vomiting could be another


While the stomach flu is likely to run its course for around a few days, treating the problem is important since you might be confronting fluid loss.

Stomach flu leg pain can be avoided if you keep your body hydrated. Drink plenty of water and clear liquids but avoid milk and fruit juices. Glucose or salt and sugar solution can be very effective in meeting the fluid requirements of the body. Take liquid diets and do not eat meals that are hard to digest.

Keeping your body hydrated is very important. During this stomach flu, it is very likely that your body might run out of fluids. So, it is very vital to keep sipping water mixed with small amount of sugar and salt.

Medication such as promethazine should be taken to reduce loss of water by vomiting. If the symptoms persist and the condition worsens a doctor must be consulted.


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