Maintaining Your Toyota Car: Fuel Filter and Alternator


A simple but vital component of your car that needs to checked every time you get your Toyota serviced or tuned up, is the fuel filter. The Toyota fuel filter has a very important job: to make sure that the fuel that reaches your engine does not contain any particles that could clog the engine. The Toyota alternator is another important component that charges your Toyota’s battery when the car’s running.

If there’s anything wrong with these two components, the car will not run. Without the Toyota alternator the car battery will discharge after a little while and the car will refuse to start. Similarly, if the Toyota fuel filter gets clogged the fuel will not reach the engine, and the car will refuse to run.

Luckily, these two parts are very low maintenance and if you keep your car services on schedule, you will not face any trouble. The Toyota fuel filter is a spare that needs to be replaced regularly. In fact the service guy probably replaces it every time you get your car serviced. The Toyota alternator on the other hand will go on working for years without a problem.

Although the service center charges a pretty hefty fee for it, replacing the Toyota fuel filter is not a difficult job for those who’re have some inclination towards learning car maintenance and repairs. In fact you will even find how to videos on the Internet that will show you how to replace the fuel filter yourself. Once you’ve mastered this skill, you’ll never be stranded due to a clogged fuel filter, and you’ll always know when to get your Toyota fuel filter replaced.

Maintaining the alternator unfortunately, is not so trivial. You can get to it pretty easily and also check if it’s generating a current for the battery or not, but if there’s something wrong with, it will be very difficult to repair it. Toyota alternator is not very cheap either, so if your alternator stops working, you’ll need to shell out a lot of cash.

One thing you must remember is that the Toyota alternator does not stop working very often. If you battery light on your car console is on, that means the batteries are not getting charged, but the trouble usually is not with the alternator but with the alternator belt. The alternator belt is responsible to turn the small turbine that generates the current in the Toyota alternator. Sometimes it breaks due to wear-and-tear and the current stops flowing. In this case all you need is a new alternator belt.

Usually buying the spare parts, be it a Toyota fuel filter or a Toyota alternator from the repair center is pretty expensive as those guys will sell it to you at a marked up price. You’ll get a better deal with a replacement parts stockist. So consider looking for the part on the Internet and finding out its price before you get it replaced. Ask your service guy what will be cost of just replacing the part if you got it yourself. You might be able to save a lot of money.

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Source by Groshan Fabiola