Maintenance Tips for New and Used Car and Truck Tires in Tampa FL


New tires are not cheap. Tires should therefore be maintained properly to ensure longer life. Used truck tires can, at least, be retread right here in Tampa, FL. Used retread truck tires are cheap in comparison. Even used and retread tires need the same maintenance as new tires, though. Tampa FL motorists should take note of the following maintenance tips.

Standard car maintenance requires wheel alignment where the angles of the wheels are adjusted according to the specifications of the car manufacturer in the car’s manual. This ensures that the vehicle does not pull to one side when driven but drives straight. This also reduces wear on the tires. Bad wheel alignment results in tires being worn on only one edge.

Periodic tire rotation is also part of routine tire maintenance. Since front tires usually wear out faster than rear tires, they are exchanged to ensure uniform tire wear. Tire inflation is duly readjusted after rotation, based on the car manufacturer’s specifications.

The first time that tires are mounted on the wheels, they are balanced. Whenever they are remounted, after repair for example, they need to be rebalanced. Unbalanced tires wear out earlier. They could also cause vibration that may cause the car to “shimmy.”

Tires should be rebalanced at the first sign of vibration or “shimmy.” Vibration may also be due to misalignment or mechanical problems.

Proper tire inflation is paramount. Tires should not be over-inflated or under-inflated as these cause uneven wear. Over-inflated tires wear more at the center while under-inflated tires wear more on both edges. A monthly check should be made on tire pressure since there could be tiny leaks that are unnoticeable. Any corrections should be made based on the car manufacturer’s recommendation in the car manual.

Speeding reduces the durability of tires and makes them wear faster. This is attributed to the heat generated by high speeds. Fast turns, fast starts, panic stops and skids all result in much greater wear, if not outright damage, to tires. So do driving on the edge of pavements, driving over curbs, and driving over potholes and other obstructions.

Take note of the tire’s load rating, as specified by the manufacturer, and comply with it. Overloading could lead to tire blow out.

For trucks, there are various types of tires for different purposes and you may have to change tires as necessary. There are all-season tires, all-terrain tires, mud tires, snow tires, studded snow tires and winter tires. Some of these are misnomers, though. All-season tires, for example, cannot handle heavy snow while all-terrain tires cannot handle heavy mud. Most of them are also noisy, especially on highways.

There comes a time when tires need replacement despite proper maintenance. One of the measures is tread depth. Once the tread of the tire has been worn down to two thirty-seconds of an inch (2/32 inches) it is considered bald and should be immediately replaced. At this point, the reinforcing threads of the tires are exposed. In some tires, tread wear indicators appear at this point.

To save money, people often suggest buying used tires, especially used truck tires. Don’t give in to the temptation of choosing to buy cheap used tires from unscrupulous dealers in Tampa FL. If you have to buy used truck tires, make sure you find a Tampa FL dealer backed up by references from satisfied clients. Unless you can find such a reputable dealer, you should just buy new tires, instead. With proper maintenance, you can actually enjoy your new tires for much longer periods so it is just as if you bought yourself cheap tires.


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