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Marriage is one of the most significant events in most peoples’ lives, a joyous celebration, however for various reasons in due course they also end in divorce. According to statistics, divorce rates across the world are at all time highs. Because of these divorce risks, it is prudent to be well prepared before becoming married.

Thailand Private Investigators have seen sharp increases in requests for marital status checks from foreign customers and overseas Thais with the investigations often focusing on girlfriends and fiancees. With the high degree of fraud in Thailand, verifying someone’s current marital status and history is an important security decision. Proceeding with a marriage to a Thai girl without one can be very costly.

In Thailand as in most countries, the civil registrars (Amphur Office) manage records of births, marriages, and deaths. However in Thailand it is more streamlined than in other countries where reach region or state may have different marriage requirements.

Also in many jurisdictions, there is a statutorily prescribed waiting period between marriage license obtainment and marriage solemnization, however in Thailand, there is no such delay. For foreigners to get married in Thailand, Amphur officials require that they prove their marital status by obtaining documentation, often called an Affidavit of marital status, from their embassy in Thailand. Also note that Thai courts may or may not have jurisdiction over a divorce involving two foreign nationals and that a prenuptial agreement is only valid if registered at the time of the marriage.

For many Thais, marriages are solemnized according to either Buddhist religious rites or by local custom in the province where the wedding takes place and is not legally registered per Thai law.

An application for registration for marriage can be filed at any District Office or Minor District Office nationwide regardless of the birthplace of the couple. If the marriage registration is filed at the District Office located in female’s birthplace, where the name is registered on the House Registration Certificate, the title used with the given name and the last name of the female will be changed by the District Officer. If the marriage is registered elsewhere, the female is required to contact the local District Office to change her name and last name. If both parties are unable to file for marriage at any District Office or Minor District Office, the couple can submit a request to the Registrar to register their marriage at any location under the supervision of that District Office. After marriage registration is completed, a Marriage Registration Certificate is issued.

To get a copy of a marriage certificate, you can to go to the Amphur office where the marriage was registered. Note, only the bride, groom or immediate family can get a copy and a valid ID must be presented when r the certificate.

When considering hiring a Thailand detective to do the work for you, it is a good idea to check their location first. Many are based in the United States or Europe, not in the Thailand or even Southeast Asia, so the first step is to make sure it’s possible to speak with someone that is actually in the Thailand!

While these foreign private investigators may provide excellent service in their home countries, there is a major disadvantage to doing “long-distance” or “internet” investigations in the Thailand. These companies must normally subcontract their services, furthermore without local agents or staff, it is difficult to control the quality and timeliness of their work. In addition, Thailand culture, customs, and laws are very different from other countries, and of course the service costs outside Thailand are also much higher.

Don’t be misled by big companies, fancy names, bogus claims and trademarks, or flashy websites, make sure you can speak to someone that is actually located in Thailand and can give you customer references and samples of their work before you start. Thailand Private Investigators recommend the following:

1. Only deal with companies that are actually located in Thailand. Don’t hire someone whose office is in the US, you’ll only be paying extra for a middleman that cannot control the quality of their subcontractor’s work. 2. Be especially wary of any companies from Florida. According to Consumer Fraud Reporting (, Florida has one of the highest fraud rates in the US! 3. Make sure they can communicate properly in English, Thai and Lao 4. Check if they can provide redacted samples of their work. 5. Don’t deal with companies that only accept bank transfers or Western Union. Make sure they provide standard universally accepted payment methods that provide consumer protection such as PayPal, MoneyGram or with most credit cards. 6. Make sure your information is confidential and secure. Check to see that their websites have proper security and privacy technology.

Thailand Private Investigators offer discreet private investigative and detective services at affordable local rates. Our team of highly experienced and trained local and expat agents cover all of the Thailand and work with local police, embassies, as well as other government agencies.

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