Mother of the Bride Wedding Speech Tips With Example


Giving wedding ceremony speeches is a high-pressure situation for many people. It is usually a tense situation since a person has to stand in front of a large gathering of people as they keenly wait to hear good things about the bride and the groom. It can be a challenging experience, but it is also possible to give a stunning speech that will leave a mark on every body present for the occasion. During a wedding reception, usually the bride’s mother is offered a chance deliver a short wedding speech for her daughter. Being prepared to give the mother of the bride wedding speech will make it easier to for the bride’s mother to deliver a well-prepared short wedding speech.

How to Offer Mother of the Bride Wedding Speech

The first thing to remember when giving a mother of the bride wedding speech is to thank the guests present. After all, the success of the event depends on the guests’ arrival for the occasion. It is usually appropriate to mention some names of primary sponsors that one believes have helped make the occasion a success.

The mother of the bride wedding speech should also contain advice for the newly married couple. The mother has experience in life as a married person and she is aware of the difficulties that come with marriage. The mother should feel free to share some advice that she has gathered throughout her years as a married person. During the mother of the bride wedding speech, it is an excellent opportunity to formally, welcome the bridegroom in the family. This will also make the bridegroom feel comfortable. During the wedding ceremony speech, giving a simple invitation of “welcome to the family” can go a long way to show that he is part of the family and is fully accepted.

The mother of the bride wedding speech can be a sad time for the mother in expressing her “goodbyes” to her daughter. She should therefore avoid as much as possible thinking sad thoughts that may come out during the wedding ceremony speech. It will also help her to devote more time to talking rather than crying. Thinking overly sad thoughts may make delivering even a short wedding speech impossible ruining that part of the occasion. If the mother thinks, she will not be able to contain her tears, having a handkerchief handy can help.

The mother of the bride wedding speech should not be more than 5 minutes. Short wedding speeches will not bore the guest and such a speech will retain their attention. Finally, a toast to the newly weds will give the speech a nice finish.

There are many wedding speech examples online. A sample of the mother of the bride wedding speech should look like this:

“….As David and Charlotte begin their lives together; James and I both feel that we are not losing Charlotte, but entrusting her to David’s good care! We feel we have gained a new son. When Charlotte first came to me to tell me she was getting married, I knew then that my little girl had grown up. She has been a blessing to my life and am sure she’ll be the same to David. Congratulations to you both.”


Source by Rafi Michael