Motor Vehicle Insurance Laws Specific to Ontario, Canada


Like most insurance policies, motor vehicle accident (MVA) insurance is something you “have”, but tend not to investigate until you need it. Policies vary in coverage and amounts paid should an accident occur. Although no policy is complete, anyone injured in a MVA is entitled to certain benefits no matter who was at fault.

Under the Canadian No-fault law, car accident victims are allowed to sue the other party for damages in addition to the insurance settlement. Insurance companies pay benefits out according to the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS), but these payments may not be enough to remedy expenses in a fault MVA. In the rare case that neither party has insurance, the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund takes care of the injured party’s expenses.

Expenses covered are:

* Loss of Income. If injuries sustained from the accident prevented you from working at your job, the income lost during the recovery period may be reimbursed. Under the Insurance Act, parties are eligible for up to 80% of their net income from accident to trial and up to 100% gross income loss after trial.
* Medical Expenses. Any medical costs incurred. This includes rehabilitation.
* Attendant Care Expenses. After being injured and then released from the hospital, you may require the help of a nurse or other professional. MVA payments cover this.
* Additional Expenses. Expenses relating to the treatment of injuries sustained during an MVA such as travel costs, any prescribed apparatus, and other costs incurred because of the injuries.

Consulting with your lawyer after an accident is the best way to figure out what you are entitled too. The means of tabulating damages can be complicated and an experienced Canadian lawyer will have a good idea of what settlement you deserve. They will guide you on what to do if your insurance company wants a statement or the other party’s insurance company wants to talk with you among other issues.

It is best to be proactive about your MVA insurance policy. Before an accident occurs, find a lawyer to discuss what is and is not covered and what coverage would be best for you. A little preparation goes a long way and a simple consultation can help ease the mind over one’s safety if an accident ever does occur.


Source by Tamia Johnson