New Way to Reverse Poor Circulation


Poor circulation, also known as peripheral arterial disease, means there is a problem with the blood flow in your arteries. This condition can produce such symptoms as pain in the legs or feet, fatigue, and cramps. These are symptoms usually present in the early stages of this condition, and they usually signify that your have poor circulation( Frequent suffering from cold legs and feet is indicative of poor circulation, but when this feeling becomes more severe, it may be indicative of a blood clot, which happens when the blood flow slows down or when a vein is damaged. People who are obese or over age 40 are more at risk for this disease. Check-ups are vital in making sure this condition does not strike silently.

Why does poor circulation strike?

Do you ever wonder why your legs and feet are always cold, or why blood flow seems to slow down in your legs? In terms of the causes, an unhealthy lifestyle may be the culprit. It’s best if your diet contains adequate nutrition; stay away from cigarettes, alcohol, tobacco and caffeine; exercise on a regular and frequent basis; avoid prolonged standing; control your temper; keep your feet and extremities warm; wear more to help stimulate circulation. These are all effective measures in preventing poor circulation. If you are experiencing poor circulation, it may be best to keep in mind some of the healthy practices mentioned.

How can you recognize poor circulation disease?

Normal movement of blood throughout the body is vital to your existence, keeping your heart pumping, legs moving and brain functioning. Poor circulation causes problems in these areas. Poor circulation involves your vein system, which is where the blood flows. Poor circulation is evidenced when legs and feet “fall asleep”. More serious is if the blood flow from the feet and lags back to the heart is slowed down. When the leg veins have excessive clotting and inflammation, blood flow will slow down, causing pain and swelling in the feet and legs.

How should you choose a natural treatment for poor circulation(

If you have a problem with blood circulation, you are probably seeking a helpful and cost-effective treatment in order to get rid of the trouble caused by poor circulation. Blood circulation is usually treated using conventional medication, lifestyle changes as well as natural and alternative therapies. If you are suffering from poor circulation, herbal tea, which contains essential ingredients required for circulation as well as vitamins and botanicals, may be a good choice for treatment. The ingredients in herbal tea are not only helpful for poor circulation, but also for energy metabolism and oxygen transport. Some ingredients found in herbal tea called flavonoid are effective for improving the circulation of blood throughout your body, promoting venous strength and integrity.


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