Nurse Killed In Bakersfield Because Of Drunk Drivers Carelessness


She finished her night shift at the hospital in which she worked and climbed into her Nissan to return home to her children. On the way, however, she was struck by a drunk driver in a Mercedes. The driver was also a resident of Bakersfield and nearly middle-aged. When the Mercedes struck the nurse’s Nissan, the smaller car was sent crashing into a wall. The nurse was killed almost instantly, being declared dead on the scene. She never made it home to her two young children that night. They are ages 11 and 8, and one of them is mentally handicapped.

The nurse took the precaution to wear her seatbelt that fateful night last weekend, but it did not save her life and did not save her children the anguish of losing a mother. The drunk driver of the Mercedes, in contrast, received minimal injuries. She was immediately taken to jail and may be charged with felony drunk driving and gross vehicular manslaughter for the crime she has committed. The woman’s negligence and reckless behavior were the direct causes behind the nurse’s demise, making the drunk driver liable for the death of this mother of two.

It doesn’t seem fair that this responsible nurse and mother was killed in an accident caused by a drunk driver. It doesn’t seem fair that the drunk driver was able to walk away virtually scratch-free. Yet accidents like these occur every single day throughout the United States. It is because of these accidents like these resulting the wrongful death of an innocent victim that personal injury attorneys are so necessary. Personal injury attorneys in Bakersfield California can help ease the financial burden left on families following the death of a loved one. They can also help families received the resources they need to help them through the grieving process that naturally follows death.

Although there is nothing that a Bakersfield personal injury attorney could do to bring this nurse back to her family and friends, a lawyer can help provide financial relief to the survivors left behind after wrongful deaths such as hers. Many monetary responsibilities are placed on family members when a loved one passes away. The average minimal cost of funeral arrangements today is approximately $6,000, a sum that most Americans cannot afford to pay without proper warning and preparation. However, deaths like that of this nurse and mother of two occur without any kind of warning or preparation. Personal injury attorneys help their clients receive the monetary compensation they need to cover these burdensome expenses so that they can focus their energies on mourning and accepting their new life without the loved one that has passed on.


Source by Joel Mclaughlin