On New Year's Eve Go Car shopping


Dec. 31 will be the best day to buy a car.

Carmakers and dealers are always eager to finish the year with a strong burst of sales to boost the year-end figures and push the sales during the otherwise slow winter season. Besides, dealers are anxious to get rid of the cars from the previous model years in a quick clearance sale.

Celebrate this New Year by buying yourself a new car at an amazing price. You can spend the time you allotted for partying on the New Year’s Eve for car shopping. Actually, the longer you wait in December, the better the deal will be. In December the average discount off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price can be as high as 8.2%. However, cars from the outgoing model year leave the showroom faster because of the tempting deals offered on them, so you should be very much prepared to get one of them for yourself.

Timing in December is yet another Critical factor for the best year-end car purchase

Walk into the showroom a quarter hour before the dealership closes his shop for the day if you wish to seal the deal, on your terms. Year-end sales are the best choice for the best possible deals okay, but better still is the end of the month which is when a dealer is eager to reach his monthly sales targets. When these monthly sales targets are reached these are translated into huge cash incentives and bonuses for the dealer.

This kind of approach in car shopping during the year-end sales will fetch the best possible deal. A manufacturer pays his dealer $500 extra per car if he can sell say, 20 Camrys in the last month of the year. A sale of 20 Camrys will fetch the dealer a whopping $10,000 in bonus. If the dealer has already sold 18 of them he would be naturally eager to sell the last two too, which means that he, will be willing to negotiate. It will be a cake walk to clinch the deal you started, in your favor if you walk into the showroom a quarter hour before the dealership closes his shop for the day.

Discounts on 2010 models

Every year-end, dealers try to make room for the newer year model cars which is why many 2010 models are on sale this year-end too with huge discounts:

Chevrolet dealers are offering $4,500 incentives on the 2010 Silverado pickup

Entry-level Silverado, with a regular cab is on sale now for as little as $16,674 which is a 24% discount off the sticker price

Deals on 2011 models

There are good deals on 2011 models too, like the 2011 Mercury Milan mid-sized sedan. Ford Motor is shutting its Mercury division after the 2011 model year, but the service will still be available. The Mercury Milan Premier has a sticker price of $24,032 but you can get it for $22,032 with a $2,000 incentive.

If you’re in the market for a small car

If you’re in the market for a small car, the 2011 Nissan Sentra is a good buy. The Sentra 2.0 actually costs $15,913. At an incentive of $2,500 you can own it for $13,413, or get 18% off the sticker price.


Source by JohnKevin