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At Online OSHA Safety Training we thoroughly abide by and in every one of our safety training courses make each student aware of the importance of the Injury Incident Pyramid. If this sounds and looks a little bit like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs or maybe even the Food and Nutrition Daily Pyramid that we have all seen since grade school, then that is for a very good reason since this is a cousin of the USFDA offering that we all know and love, well loved maybe a strong word for it but at least we appreciate the message.

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Take a look at the safety training offerings that are specifically-tailored to the current and continually-tragic environmental catastrophe that is the BP Gulf Oil Spill. And recall that not only do we offer each and every class online but on-site as well and in addition to that flexibility of safety course offerings we are now presenting you with a set of Coupon Codes so that you can take 10% off right here and right now!

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Many of us know, and in great detail, what the contents of the Injury Incident Pyramid are but some of the newer employees may not be aware of this great learning resource. The Injury Incident Pyramid is a representation of the overall statistics concerning injuries while on the job. It doesn’t matter what industry you are involved in as these injuries statistics will certainly match up to whatever can happen to you while in the workplace.

Pyramid Building Blocks

We have broken down the Pyramid and working from the ground up we will explain to you exactly what each leveling means and how it applies to you and your safety as well as the safety of others in the workplace. Please understand that certified safety and health professionals helped design and keep this ever-changing Pyramid up-to-date as new technologies force upgrades.

• Near Misses – These are the unsafe acts such as not wearing your seatbelt while operating a forklift or not placing your machine in neutral and out of gear while clearing a jam.

• Recordable Injuries – These are the many injuries that require much more than basic first aid. These injuries, most of the time, require a visit to the physician who will prescribe antibiotics, physical therapy and quite possibly a few stitches for that nasty cut that happened on the way down from the forklift. Sooner or later stemming from the thousands of near misses and unsafe acts that employees do each and every day one or the other will result in injury that requires physician treatment such as stitches or bandages.

• Life Changing Injuries – Just as this sentence dictates these recordable injuries will end up either costing you the job in which you are currently working and/or will limit your daily duties on the site. The life-changing injury is really life-altering.

• Fatal Injury – For every 30 life changing injuries, there will be one very sad fatal injury. What this means is that we will lose a hard worker from the crew from something that could be possibly avoidable and that is the saddest and most upsetting factor of them all.

As mentioned above all the classes at Online OSHA Safety Training are built around your safety in mind. From OSHA and the Department of Labor all the way to your boss and the companies safety and health advisor the personality of safety in general is all about keeping you productive and safe and not necessarily in that order. As the BP Gulf Oil Spill has taught us a lesson in environmental stewardship the health and safety realm has taught us that safety is the omnipresent goal that should be on everyone’s mind either standing knee-deep in sticky crude oil or laboring all day in a millwork-shop with buzz saws and sawdust flying everywhere. We work very hard in keeping all of the enrollees that come to Online OSHA Safety Training in the mindset that safety is the most important aspect of a days work, especially in the BP Gulf Oil Spill locality. Even the oil spill cleanup superintendent your boss will have to admit that without 100% safety and health following directives production can never be at its most optimum best.

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