Passenger of a Road Traffic Accident?


Have you as a passenger been involved in a motor accident of some sort, statistics show that most of us will be involved in at least one car/ motorcycle accident in our lifetime.

Perhaps an accident occurred whilst you were a passenger in a car, was it whilst travelling in a taxi or bus. Know your rights! It’s not only the driver who can claim, you are also entitled to make a claim. Either the driver of the vehicle you were travelling in/ or the other road user breached their duty of care to you making them culpable.

At Accident Consult we can help, no matter how severe or slight your injury. It could be that you’re suffering from whiplash; perhaps you broke a limb or even sustained a more serious injury. If so, make Accident Consult your first point of contact.

At Accident Consult we will assess your claim for free, if you then choose to pursue the claim we will assign a solicitor to you on a no-win-no-fee basis. If a solicitor takes on your case they do so under the understanding that if they lose the case then they will not get paid.

The beauty of a no win no fee accident claim is that it enables everyone that has suffered an injury to make a claim. It is no longer just the preserve of those with money, who can afford exorbitant legal fees.

Why should you use Accident Consult?

• No win no fee.
• No risk.
• 100% of the compensation that you’re entitled to.
• Friendly and reliable.

If you have been injured in a motor accident within the last three years and are still suffering then call today, we will put you in touch with a specialist solicitor who will assess the legality of your claim. If after talking to the solicitor you choose not to proceed any further then you will not be charged for any advice that is given.

Contrary to popular opinion the likelihood of receiving compensation as a passenger involved in a motor accident is actually very good. It is relatively simple to prove that you as a passenger have no culpability in the matter. If the driver of the vehicle you were in is held liable for the accident, as a passenger, you are still entitled to claim compensation. If the driver is a family member there’s no need to worry about negative repercussions, as any compensation that is payable will come from their insurer.

In short if you think you have a claim then come to accident consult for a free, no obligation consultation, we’ll take it from there under a no win no fee status to ensure you get exactly what you deserve 100% of the compensation that your entitled to.


Source by Adrian Lawrence