Prius Battery Problems? How to Fix The Prius Battery Problems for Less!


Are You Having Prius Battery Problems?

Prius battery problems are starting to become a big problem with Prius owners.  Do you know why?  The average lifespan of a Prius battery is approximately eight years.  If you own a 2001 – 2003 Prius, you have either already experienced these problems or are going to rather shortly.  

We all expect things to go wrong with our cars at some point.  I mean it’s just normal wear and tear right?  Well you are correct, but the cost to fix those Prius battery problems can cost you a lot more than than you think.

Go ahead and take a guess how much a new Prius battery is going to cost you!

How about $300?


How about $1000?


What about $200?


I hate to be the one to say, but you are looking around $4500 or so.  That’s a lot of money for a battery, don’t you think?  The issue though is your Prius will not run without it.

Now before you start freaking out, we really need to determine if that is even the issue.  

Here are some things to look for if you are having Prius battery problems –

1.  Poor Fuel Mileage

A huge indicator that your Prius battery is starting to tank is a loss in fuel economy.  What happens is that the electrical system (the battery) is not working in along side  the fuel system properly.  Essentially your Prius is now tearing through more fuel that before because the electrical system is supporting any longer.

2.  Lack of Acceleration

You Prius may start to feel like a go-cart instead of a car.  This runs along with the problem with the electrical system.  There is not enough power generated through the electrical system to give it the acceleration you’re used to.  If you car feels like a golf cart instead of a real car, you are probably experiencing battery problems.

3.  The Battery Can’t Hold a Charge Anymore

This no different in anyway than traditional batteries.  We all know that when a battery runs low (like your cell phone battery), it needs to be charged.  Well as time goes on, the battery can no longer hold a charge as well as it once did.  This means we usually have to get a new battery.  If you Prius can no longer sustain a charge like it used to, you probably have some major Prius battery problems.

The underlying issue is that you most likely cannot afford to pay for a brand new Prius battery.  Don’t be so quick to scrap your car.  I have a solution here that can save you THOUSANDS of dollars!


Source by Mike