Protection and Comfort With a Bug Deflector, Rain Guards, and Wind Deflectors


Whether you call it a wind deflector, bug deflector or rain guards, these important auto parts can protect your vehicle, keep it cleaner and make your journey a more comfortable one. With a low cost relative to the amount of damage flying debris can cause, an investment in deflectors is well worth it.

Wind deflectors, also known as rain guards, can be applied to the front of the hood, sunroof and side windows. The wind deflector will prevent too much wind from flowing into the vehicle when the windows are open. When a wind deflector or rain guard is installed on a window, the deflector keeps out rain while the window is rolled down during a storm. This allows for fresh air to circulate inside the car which reduces the need for air conditioning and increases gas mileage.

A bug deflector is a useful auto part that is often installed on a truck or SUV in order to prevent debris or bugs from hitting the windshield and hood. They are installed on the front of the hood and designed to create a slipstream effect that will push the debris and bugs over the top of the vehicle. Even small debris can cause considerable damage to your vehicle such as chipped paint, dents or even cracked windshields.

Bug deflectors are primarily designed for trucks and SUVs. This is because most cars contain design features that reduce wind resistance and allow wind to stream over the top of the vehicle. These design features include windshields that slope and hoods that turn downwards. Trucks and SUV’s normally don’t have these aerodynamic features. Most truck and SUV windshields are more vertical while the hoods are flatter. This creates a pocket for catching bugs and other debris. The addition of a bug deflector will provide the aerodynamics necessary to push these unwanted objects over the vehicle. The bug deflector may also absorb the impact of a direct hit from rocks or other debris that may damage your vehicle.

The majority of bug deflectors, wind deflector and rain guards are usually made of high-grade acrylic, which is scratch, crack and warp-resistant. They also come in various colors. Some deflectors even come with your favorite college team’s logo. Other versions are available in stainless steel. It is important to find a deflector that is made specifically for your vehicle. A non-custom application may not have enough of a lip to provide the intended results and also may not fit properly. They can be installed with 3M tape, special fasteners or they may use existing holes on the vehicle. In-channel installation may also be available depending on the brand and style. Installation for these items should take around 15 minutes depending on your level of expertise.


Source by Matthew Rimcrest