Qatar Used cars


Here there are some of the advices to purchase a used car

Fix your amount : Before going to purchase any used car you should first take your price into consideration. Firstly try to list only those cars that appear within your budget. Anyhow if the price of the selected car is increasing or decreasing then you can adjust accordingly. If you are going for Monthly installment basis then calculate the exact EMI.

You’re Needs: Try to select the car which satisfies your Requirements. All your family needs should be fulfilled with your selected car. First decide that do you need a family car, or a sports car or a luxurious car, or any car that gives you the best mileage.

Fuel Type: Enquire the type of car you are wishing, whether it is petrol or diesel.

Car History: when you have selected your car then the next thing is that you should know about the car Past Record. The points to be considered to know the car history are

Distance Travelled: You should look the distance travelled by the vehicle, A average petrol car covers a distance of 12000 km per year, and a diesel car covers a distance of 16000 km per year. If the distance covered extends more than this limit then you should think twice before selecting the car. If the price is dead low than you can go for it.

Age: Enquire about the age of the car, which means the year of arriving, if the car is too old then it will be the symptom of Problems. Always neglect too old cars. Also if the car is too old then you will not get a resale value.

Number of Recent owners: Enquire about the Number of previous owners of this car, always try to prefer the car which is a single handed, if the car is arriving from multiple users then the mileage will be less, and the maintenance cost will be more.

Genuine documents and Transfer certificates: The most point to be remembered is to see the original documents like insurance, on whose name the car is, the transfer certificate signed by the owner.

Road Behavior:  Try to enquire that the car is associated with any road accidents or any fraud cases or any other police issues, if it is such then go for Police clearance certificate

Physical situation of the car: completely have a look on the physical situation of the car, are there any scratches, dents or any signs of Repainting or denting

Is there is any oil leakage or more oil consumption.

Have a look on the tires, is it in a good condition or not.

Interior conditions of the car, like seats, audio or video units, ignition level wipers, seat belts etc,

If all the above conditions are ok then you can finalize the car.

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