Recover Files and Photos That You Have Accidently Deleted From Your Recycle Bin


I was devastated when I accidentally deleted some irreplaceable family photos. I quickly searched the Internet for a free program to recover my photo files, however at the time I had no such luck. Every website I visited basically said that if I really wanted to recover my photos I would have to pay someone to do it.

Its not that I was scabby with my money but I just know there is always a free program for everything.

After searching the Internet for at least 2 days, I finally found a few programs to try. Unfortunately most of them would show you the files and photos that they could recover if and when you actually paid for the program. I had nearly given up when I came across a free program called Recuva. Download free software

Recuva had been developed by the same company that made Ccleaner so I already knew and trusted them. I could not believe how good this program was. You can not only recover files from your computer even after you have deleted them from the Windows recycle bin, but you can also recover deleted photos from you digital camera card. All this and more with a free program that doesn’t nag you to upgrade or buy.

I immediately recovered my previoulsy deleted photo files, and within minutes of installing the program I felt like a data recovery expert. Luckily Windows had not overwritten my files yet.

If you have deleted files, folders, pictures, or photos you could always try this program for yourself. There is a possibility that the files you want to restore are lurking somewhere on your computer. But you must keep in mind that there are a number of factors to take into account when restoring deleted photos or files.

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Source by Mitz