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Imagine for a moment that you are forced to invent a new candy with a specific goal, taking a bite out of the market segment comfortably carried out by M Ms, Skittles and Reeses Pieces. Sounds difficult, right? With this in mind, an entirely new 2011 Hyundai Sonata is placed back on the center of hot-contested family sedan segment, already occupied by such established players Honda Accord Toyota Camry Nissan Altima Ford Fusion and Chevrolet Malibu , to name a few.
Completely renovated in 2011, Sonata is freshly decorated and more spacious than its predecessor. Brings several innovations to the game, including a new four-cylinder direct injection diesel mated to a six-speed automatic yet there is no V6 option. We put several hundred miles on a new Sonata in San Diego. The weather was nice, but how was the car? Is the Hyundai brands new family sedan, which is to be distinguished in the sweet candy dish? Find out after the jump
Gallery: First Drive: 2011 Hyundai Sonata

Pictures Michael Harley / Copyright © 2010 Blogs, Inc. Delete everything you know about yesterdays Sonata. Forget those memories, images removed. Reformat the hard drive. About the only things important all-new 2011 model has in common with its predecessor is the identifier on the decklid(now moved to the other side of the trunk) and the fact that both the product of combustion of crude oil and liquefied natural destination to roll with pneumatic tires.
Now in its sixth generation, the latest Hyundai discharges its consistent ho-hum styling for which the automaker calls fluidic design the sculpture. Created by the Hyundai Design Center in Irvine team, California, sleek new four-door is a fresh face in a segment full of cookie-cutter sedans. Interesting and stylish, Sonata offers a combination of the traditional commitment of four-door sedan and a coupe in one. Take special note of the chrome strip running from the tail lights clear base C-pillar, door handles and deliberately placed at different heights to complete the aesthetic character of bold lines. Outside is a unique and exhilarating, and it looks quite expensive. We like it.

While the visual style suggests otherwise, the Sonata is one of the shorter half-size vehicles in its competitive segment. In 2011 Hyundai Sonata and Honda Accord are the only in this class with the EPA large car classification the Camry, Altima, Fusion and Malibu are considered average cars by the agency. Interestingly, the Sonata has the most total volume of the interior in the segment.
Sonata cabin maintains that carved as the outside. Understandably, will debut as a more modern(um, futuristic?) Seeking the cockpit. There are lots of bluish light, digital display, buttons, and even a hat-tip to Volvo humanoid appearance of the display conditioning. The knobs and buttons abound, it takes a few minutes to get used to the operation of the vehicle. But after a few hours behind the wheel, it comes naturally. In practice, human interface works even better than it looks, which is what really counts.

Under the hood is the new Hyundai with a direct injection DOHC 2.4-liter GDI four-cylinder. The all-aluminum powerplant features variable valve system valve is rated at 198 horsepower at 6,300 rpm. Rpm and 184 pound-feet of torque at 4250 rpm(model SE of strokes to 200 hp and 186 pound-feet of torque). Korean automaker offers two different options for transmission. The first is a traditional six-speed manual(M6GF2), the same transmission offered on the Hyundai Tucson.(Hyundai says, only a few percent, the owners decide on the gearbox, so do not expect many stores). On the other broadcast the automakers all-new six-speed automatic(A6MF2), including in conjunction with Tucson. This is the first Hyundai has reserved six-speed automatic(the Genesis and Veracruz use outsourcing Aisin gearbox) is 26.4 kg lighter and has 62 fewer parts than its predecessor, five speed. Equipped with a change SHIFTRONIC manual mode, the SE trim level adds steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters for the dreamers Schumacher.
In contrast to last years model, the 2011 Sonata will not offer the six cylinder option. Hyundai, of course, aware of the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, Ford Fusion and Chevrolet Malibu Sonatas main competitors are offered with four-and six-cylinder powerplants. However, the Korean automaker is not flinching. When asked why the new Sonata does not offer a V6 option, John Krafcik, president and CEO of Hyundai Motor America, boldly states that follow the way of V6 engines dinosaur.(Krafcik even went so far as to predict that it will be mid-size sedan V6 option in 2016 the year of more stringent EPA fuel economy rules are implemented).
power hungry mid-size family sedan buyers should not worry about how Hyundai is expected to introduce a variant of the turbocharged 2.4-liter four-cylinder GDI very quickly. When you say that the engine, Krafcik smiles and says, yet-to-be released turbocharged engine is very delicious(his exact words, not ours). It has endless reservoir of strength and we are shooting for the same fuel economy as normally aspirated variant of the EPA, adds confidently.

Of course, four-cylinder direct injection is technically advanced and innovative, but it really is not big news in those days. What is the big news is the fuel consumption and this is where the 2011 Hyundai Sonata climbs to the top of the podium. According to official figures EPA Sonata earn 24 miles per gallon city and 35 mpg highway with manual transmission and 22 mpg city and 35 mpg highway with automatic. While these impressive numbers equal to the performance of its four players in the urban cycle, all arrears Sonata in testing highway. If you take into account even the strongest competition can not collect more than 190 horsepower from its four bids, the 2011 Hyundai Sonata not only beat the competition in the fight against fuel consumption, it is honestly the carnage. More on this later.
Posting large numbers of fuel consumption is not easy. Hyundai has not only focused its attention on gas and equipped with the aforementioned Sonata and efficient direct-injection six speed automatic transmission, but also added an intelligent, that the alternator gets its power, especially when offshore. There is little friction drive system with the unique design of bearings and low rolling resistance tires on all four corners. The body was sculpted with aerodynamic design an impressive 0.28 drag coefficient providing smooth profile to the wind. Finally, engineers optimized body structure to save weight.

2011 Hyundai Sonata Limited
Tipping the scales at just 3.199 kg, the 2011 Sonata is lighter than almost all its competition four 70 kg lighter than the Accord, and up from 108 kg lighter than the Camry. It pays off in the power / weight ratio, Sonata again leads the pack hauls as only about 16.2 pounds for the power(for comparison, is 19.6 Camry, Accord is 18.5 and Fusion is at 19.1). Do not think, highlighted the security threat to the structure or Insurance Institute for Highway Safety(IIHS) named the 2011 Hyundai Sonata one of the Top Safety Picks on this year.
New chassis with improved body rigidity in the model, creating a more capable platform for the suspension. Speaking of basics, the 2011 Sonata is called independent MacPherson struts in front and independent multi-link design in the rear. There are stabilizer bars front and rear, and the SE trim level gets a sports suspension tuning. Disc brakes are installed on all four corners, and tucked inside a standard 16-inch wheels(Limited models wear 17-inch alloys and sports models, the SE has 18-inch wheels). Electrically assisted steering rack on the basis of changes to increase the engine speed(the SE trim level features a sport feel) and the Sonata offers best-in-class turning diameter of just 35.8 meters(Accord and Fusion that add a few feet Kissing curbs).

Hyundai offers three trim levels(GLS, SE and Limited) Sonata in 2011 and several packages of equipment. By the time you finish connect, transfer and package options, there are eight different models at all.
Base price for the standard GLS model starts from $19.195($720 to add all the destination charge), sports SE from $22,595, and top-of-the-line Limited starts at $25,295. All models have the same engine, gear selection, and the full set of safety equipment. To sum up briefly: GLS starts with manual transmission, cloth seats, manual seat adjustment, steel wheels, remote entry and a long list of convenience of power equipment. Available Popular Equipment Package adds power drivers seat, 16-inch alloy wheels and interior trim upgrades among other things. SE model starts with automatic transmission, cloth upholstery, sports suspension, 18-inch alloy wheels and differentiating finish. Limited models are equipped with leather upholstery, dual-temp air conditioning, electric sunroof and 17-inch alloy wheels. Navigation with touch screen high resolution is also an option for all versions of equipment. Hyundai provides about 60 percent of buyers opt for the base GLS model, with 10 percent choosing the SE, and the remaining 30 per cent increase to Limited.
Customers will be pleased to hear that everyone has a 2011 Hyundai Sonata iPod / USB connection, XM Satellite Radio and Bluetooth phone as standard equipment features are still optional on some cars costing three times as much. Basics package audio channels 104 watts, six speakers(with AM/FM/XM/CD/MP3). 360-watt system, adding a subwoofer and six disc CD changer is optional on the GLS and standard on SE and Limited. Audiophiles who buy Limited may also upgrade to a more powerful 400-watt Infinity system.

We have taken the first dozen to choose from Sonata in a queue outside the hotel, each with a set of keys ready for a completely new ones. Attempts to satisfy the enthusiast in us, jumped on the Venetian Red first model SE. Your writers six foot two inch frame pulled the drivers seat with plenty of space. In fact, the seat had to be postponed a bit of comfort(and later in the afternoon, threw it in the back seat for the self and discovered that the leg and was more than adequate). External visibility is good, and we did not find any big blind spots on both sides, which has not been resolved by simple adjustments of the mirror. We found we want some backup sensors no camera, just a simple beepers let us know where the bumper was backing maneuvers.
brake pedal released, and the transmission in gear, pulled out of the hotel. The first impression most important is that the new four-cylinder diesel engine is good. Of course, its dragster, but in its front tires chirp detachment from the corner(that it be tested?). Weve teamed up with the traffic smoothly and settled for a quiet trip to look for ways out of town. At home, six-speed gearbox shifted almost imperceptibly, as carried out by the engine gently with his steps. able to power 200 hp, four is smooth, but the engine was singing in a typical four key pool(read: not so pleasant). Low rolling resistance tires make little noise, but it was obvious, because only the sound of the wind and is surprisingly low, even on the highway.

Hyundai will not be considered Sonata is a four-door sports car. However, our maroon sedan SE held more than their own by pressing on the corners. Power steering was nicely weighted, and the vehicles overall balance was surprisingly good. Hyundai no one can tell us the distribution of mass in memory, but the low gross vehicle weight and suspension tuning is made pleasant to ride on the living pace. We probably pushed the Sonata harder than most owners will be in an unexpected emergency and lived to talk about it.
Later in the afternoon, we took high-end Limited model 75-mile spin. Although the steering was slightly less effective than the SE and the ride was slightly softer, it will never put us off but admit a preference for the sports model. Funny, our wives, girlfriends, in-laws, neighbors and friends will prefer the standard reasonably soft suspension of the Sonata family sedan. Not us, as SE.
We want to be remiss not to discuss the fuel consumption, such as Sonata has left a great impression on us. As already mentioned, the EPA rates the automatic models were driving at 22 mpg city and 35 highway. In the usual way, usually take these numbers and subtract the EPA couple points to get real world MPG, right? Well, it seems the 2011 Hyundai Sonata and in order to dispel the ancient computing. In our real world driving up and down the hills of San Diego, trip computer calculated 37.8 MPG during the trip the morning and we could easily down the 40 mpg we did not attempt a few hypermiling tricks.

showing impressive mileage of four new direct-injection, the team held a competition for Hyundai fuel consumption. Most of the drivers returned to the hotel about fuel economy in high 30s and more than a handful of dropped in the mid-40th The day before our arrival, the top two teams amazing 47 mpg and won a good dinner for their efforts. Even if we assume, on-board computer was a few miles per gallon optimistic, Sonata still providing greater efficiency often associated with hybrids.
Fuel consumption will draw consumers to the new Sonata. Others will be emotionally connected and impressed by the elegant design and spacious, modern interior. Some will take comfort in the company in the powertrain warranty 10-year/100 0.000-mile and five-year program, unlimited miles roadside assistance. Many will be developed through the window sticker that represents value. Whatever the motivation, Hyundai has been very successful getting people to buy their products lately. Latest figures show the introduction of new cars and SUVs, all were very well received by consumers. Sonata in 2011 is another sweet addition to that good book, and it made me a very hard shell candy to boot.
Gallery: First Drive: 2011 Hyundai Sonata

Pictures Michael Harley / Copyright © 2010 Blogs, Inc.

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