Road Traffic Accident Claims


Large number of road traffic accident claims being made these days is reflective of growing number of population and road congestion. Government having passed strict traffic rules doesn’t seem to change the daily scenario of the number of common accidents happening around the world. Inclusive of a motorcar driver, motorcyclist, bicyclist and pedestrians are all prone to many types of accident resulting from minor cuts, bruises, to fatal whiplash injuries. Motorcyclists account for nearly 18% of fatal injuries and death, closely followed by cyclists, but pedestrians are the most vulnerable when coming to road collision. In order to get your claims, when met with a road accident, always opt to go to a road traffic solicitor, because they know how to get the best compensation claims, in the shortest time. Remember to report the accident to the local police, who will help you to investigate the case, gather evidence and provide the right information to your solicitor. Smart tips to make road traffic accident claims: – ” Take note of the name, address, telephone number of the witness. ” Take photograph of the accident location. ” Contact the nearest police. ” Save receipts of traveling expense or prescriptions. While making road traffic accident claims, taking the guidance of a no win no fee solicitor will take a lot of burden off your shoulders, such legal complexities, technicalities of the road accident case and practicalities that follow an accident, like health care provision and benefit payments. No matter how you may be involved in the accident, as a uninsured driver, a motorcyclist, a bicyclist, a pedestrian, you are sure to get help through such legal solicitors. You can expect systematic, straightforward procedures to be followed ” There is an initial consultation held for absolute free of cost to understand the case to make your compensation claim. ” Once the case is confirmed you are assigned with a legal team who has the expertise in handling the claim. ” Thorough investigation is done by the team, to gather clear evidence for a strong case. ” Each and every step is well informed to you. ” Good satisfaction is guaranteed with a fair settlement. Now that road traffic accident claims have been made easy by expert solicitors, getting a fair compensation is within your reach. But considering the pain and suffering the injury causing you, its ideal to keep in mind the preventative measures on road. Always practice high sense of cautiousness, while driving in bad weather, at night and dusk, during heavy traffic etc. Avoid cell phones, mp3 players and other kinds of distractions while driving. If you are a cyclist or motorcyclist wear helmets and other safety gadgets. As a pedestrian wear reflective clothing during dark hours. Road traffic accident claims can be made by you only when you are not the guilty party and so before filing for a compensation claim, make sure that you have all the evidence in your kitty to prove the guilty party wrong.


Source by Lindsay Nolan