Safe Step Stools For Senior Citizens


Have you seen a senior citizen in your neighborhood having difficulty getting in a car or on a bus? It is hard to find a safe step stool for your beloved family members that are aged or physically challenged. Many of us have loved ones whom are suffering from this difficulty due to some ailment or just aging. Some aging Americans may have just had surgery or a long confinement in the hospital that has made them and made it difficult to control their balance. It’s almost impossible for them to lift their legs from the ground 5 or 6 inches. It might be too risky for our beloved seniors to go out to dine with family or to see a doctor for check-up. It’s not that easy to get our seniors safely in any vehicle to transport them with this kind of condition.

There are independent retirement homes and some adult communities that are having the same problem with their seniors. And they have been trying to solve this problem by making their own wooden step stools out of plywood. Some communities use old wooden coca cola crates as step stool just to overcome this kind problem. Others have even tried to use piles of heavy block of wood for their seniors to step on in boarding the bus they are traveling on.  Directors of the said communities are challenged to find a more durable, light easy and safe step stool for their seniors. And looking for this kind of quality step stool shouldn’t have been hard! Hasn’t anyone out there have come up with an invention to solve this national problem?

There is a safe step stool that was specially designed for our beloved seniors. This step stool is called the Senior Step. This safe step stool is 6 inches high, it has a large top surface area, it has a rough sandpaper pad on the top so your seniors’ feet will not slide or slip while stepping on it and the color is bright yellow and black for them to see clearly.

The Senior Citizen population in the US is growing rapidly. This group of the population has special needs regarding their mobility. And this requires a step stool for them to move safely, especially when they travel. Most step stools are not user friendly to our seniors, but the Senior Step is! In fact, these step stools were designed with the help of 3 different directors of adult living communities and one director of nursing.

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