Save Petrol With New Device Installed to Car Engine


Most people do not know that you can save petrol with a new device installed to a car engine. Not too long ago, there was a news report highlighting the features and benefits of this device. This device that you can installed to you car to save petrol is actually an electrolysis kit. Electrolysis has been used in the industrial factories for metal plating. Can this device really save petrol when attached to a car engine? This article will provide some explanation on the subject.

The idea behind using electrolysis to save petrol is to separate the hydrogen gas from water. We know that water is the product of 2 molecules of hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen thus the name H2O. Pure water alone cannot be used to power your car other than as a coolant for the radiator. However, the hydrogen gas (H2) in water is highly flammable and is an excellent energy source.

In order to modify your vehicle to run on water, you have to install the electrolysis kit, fill it with distilled water and add a little baking soda. Next, you have to attach it to the car battery to produce electric current. When the electrolysis is running, hydrogen gas bubbles will be created. This is know as an “on demand” system. You only turn on the system when it is needed and switch it off when you car is not moving.

To complete the system, you will have to direct the collected H2 into the car engine air intake system. From there, the H2 will be channeled into the combustion chambers where it will be mixed with petrol vapor. The end result of the mixture is a smoother and more powerful engine output. When you are using the same amount of petrol with a higher torque level, theoretically, you are driving further thus increasing your vehicle mileage.

You will be surprised that the electrolysis device can be home made. The general parts needed can be bought from a hardware store. What you will need is a step by step instruction guide book. With some patience and dedication, you can install the conversion kit to your car engine and start saving fuel.


Source by Will Yap