Sciatic Nerve Damage and How to Resolve it With Ease


Sciatic nerve damage is quite a loose term. It typically indicates there is a problem with your sciatic nerve, which runs from your back to your foot. So any problem with this nerve can travel the entire length, giving you symptoms.

Since it starts in the back, it’s often felt the cause is a back injury, which may well be the case. But there are other reasons, not necessarily related to injury or damage, which can result in the symptoms that lead to this diagnosis.

Sciatic nerve damage means just that – damage. Or injury. So if you can recall just when you noticed the symptom starting, you may be more than half way to resolving it.

If it started about the time of an accident, which involved a lot of soft or hard tissue damage, then I can guarantee that this is at least one of the main causes.

When you take analgaesics, natural symptoms can be masked, so you may not have noticed the typical pain of nerve damage – a sharp, shooting pain, reminiscent of an electric shock. And it shoots away from the site of injury.

But later on you may have experienced more minor symptoms of tingling, stinging or pins and needles. These are all sure signs of nerve damage.

The homeopathic medicine Hypericum is excellent for resolving the pain of sciatic nerve damage, by repairing the damage. Initially, you may experience sharp stinging pains, as the nerve starts to work again. This is an excellent sign if it starts after taking the medicine. In time (normally a short period), this will die back.


Source by Madeleine Innocent