Steroids from Thailand


Dianabol, Anabol, Danabol DS and many other names are all the same Anabolic Steroid with the active ingredient being Methandienone or Methandrostenolone which are the same.

This is 1 of the most popular if not the most popular oral steroid around today, being widely available online worldwide.

Its popularity comes from its powerful anabolic effect and that it stacks well with almost all steroids either oral or injectible. offers customers the chance to buy quality anabolic steroids at an affordable price, hassle free.

Its as easy as 1 2 3

1: make your order of the products you require

2: make payment for your order

3: your order is shipped out and you are e-mailed the details

Thats it! Not like some of these websites that have that much written that it takes you two days to read it all and then you still don’t understand how to order.

All our products are from brand name manufacturers such as Schering, Maxpro, British Dispensary, Body Research, S.B. Labs, Organon, Astra Zeneca, LA Pharma, Unigen Life Sciences (Thai FDA approved), Meditech.

Whe we recieve a payment for an order we will ship it out the same day depending on the time of day or first thing the next morning and then e-mail you with all the shipping details: tracking number, carrier and the links where you can track your order online from door to door. If you put an order in sunday then it will be shipped monday morning and will be with you by friday.

We take pride in our packing proccess so all goods get to you in the same condition as when packed.


Source by paul williams