Test Drive Offers – Are They Worth It?


Ever get one of those test drive offers in the mail? You might not believe that car companies will pay you to come to their location and test drive their vehicles. It’s true, however – and often they won’t even insist on the actual drive once you get there!

Many offers provide a Visa gift card in the amount of $40 – $50, or gas cards for similar amounts. Gift certificates to various stores are another favorite, or free meals at fine restaurants. This is a great hobby for stay at home moms and provides a way to afford special things!

If you want to get paid to test drive you first have to receive the offers by mail. We all know how easy it is to get on a mailing list! All you have to do is visit an official website and ask for some simple information – like a brochure on their latest model – and give them your mailing address.

All the main car manufacturers have test drive offers, so hit Buick, Chrysler, Ford, GMC, Honda, Toyota and Dodge, as well as any other major players you can think of. You might want to concentrate on companies that have dealerships within easy driving distance of your home.

Use your husband’s email address to double the opportunities, and don’t forget to request that the brochures be sent by regular mail. Don’t input your phone number – you don’t want to get on that list!

After a month or so the test drive offers should begin arriving. They normally look like a postcard or a slick ad, and tell you what location to go to and how to redeem your prize.

When you show up at the dealership, tell the dealer right up front that you received the card in the mail, were in the area, and thought you would drop in to claim your prize. Let them know that you are not planning to purchase a car that day.

Often the dealer will simply sign the card for you on the spot, and not waste their time or yours by actually making you drive the car. This way you still get paid to test drive, and they can concentrate on a customer who might actually purchase a vehicle.

Once your card is filled out, make a copy and mail the original into the address provided so the company can forward your prize to you. The Visa cash cards and the gas cards can be saved for a vacation, while the shopping cards and gift certificates ensure that you are never short if you need to buy a present for a party or the holidays.

If you are a stay at home mom and your family lives on a tight budget, eating out often might not be an option. Steak dinners or gift certificates for high end restaurants are a common give-away so you can treat your family to a special night out!

Once you have started taking advantage of test drive offers, you may be surprised at how the prizes can add up. All it takes is a few minutes to get on a mailing list, and a short trip to your local dealership!


Source by Rayven Perkins