The Amazing Phuket Beaches, In Thailand


The best among Phuket beaches are along the west coast where the yearly impact from the rainy season waves has resulted in beautiful bays with golden powdery sand. Along the south and east coasts are stony beaches more convenient for shell collecting or relaxing in a restaurant and feeling amazed the view.

All beaches in Thailand are open to the public. Unfortunately, in some cases developers purchase all the land around the beach and do not permit access across their area to the beach – effectively making the beach limited to their own hotel. If you aspire to visit these beaches then you can attempt passing through the hotel. Often they will not restrict you and the worst that can occur is they do not allow you entry. Otherwise, you will have to reach the beach by boat.

The warning concerning swimming during the rainy season must be taken dead seriously. The large waves at this period of year can lead to life-threatening undercurrents. If the red flags are flying then you should abstain from swimming in the sea. During the dry season, the sea is calm and pleasant and could not be more approachable.

Most of Phuket’s beaches possess sun loungers for rent. Busy beaches such as Patong, Karon and Kata have a lining consisting of sun loungers covering the entire length of the beach, sometimes in rows three or four deep. At the quieter beaches, they are more sprinkled spaciously. There are a handful of beaches that do not provide sun loungers.

There are a variety of water sports on offer. The busy beaches are a centre of activity with banana boats, parasails and jet skis fizzing across the water. These beaches have designated sections where bathers can swim with safety. You will have to spend from 500 to 1000 baht for these activities. The prices are usually un-negotiable.

Most of Phuket’s beaches are surrounded with trees. There are several species but the two most common seen are palms and casuarinas.

You can see several varieties of palm tree. The most widely seen is the iconic image of tropical beaches – the coconut palm. You will see them everywhere with compelling bunches of coconuts grouped under the wide, feathered leaves. The coconuts are not easy to put your hands at and they will not be too tasty until they have been chilled. You can easily find a local food vendor selling them for 10 to 20 baht each.

Do not rest under coconut trees – an astonishing number of people are injured or killed by detached coconuts. Here is a slightly silly statistic – every year worldwide, the number of people who lose their lives by falling coconuts is much higher than the number killed by shark attacks. Phuket beaches is the ultimate attraction for enjoyment around the beaches.


Source by Gregory Smyth