The Best 7 Seater SUV, Cars, or Vehicles For Sale


Depending on your age, you may or may not remember the old station wagons. With that long and skinny look they would seat 5 passengers under normal circumstances. The cool thing was if you need room for a couple more people, there was usually a fold down seat that you could pop up in the rear. We called it “the way back” and all the kids wanted to sit back there. The wagons even had that cool tailgate that went down like a pickup truck, but also swung open side ways.(Check out the Honda Ridgeline truck for the only vehicle I’ve seen with that feature in the last 20 years)

But the station wagon went away in favor of the SUV and the Minivan. This is not necessarily a bad thing. These SUV’s look pretty cool, are high off the ground, and people feel safe in them. Minivans, though they sometimes have a bit of a stigma, are about as useful a vehicle that has ever been made. The amount of people matched with the massive cargo space and seating options make them like no other vehicle that has ever been made. Both of these will carry at least 7 passengers. Here are 7 of the most popular.

The larger SUV became hugely popular in the 1990’s. Gas was cheap, the economy was good and everybody wanted and SUV. Though things have changed over the last few years with the sky-high gas prices and the economy in the tank, many people still have the need for them. Most of them can get in around 20 MPG city/highway combined, which is not terribly awful.

Honda Pilot
The Pilot cam out in 2003 (to replace the Passport) and was always rated high from the start. The newest version came out in 2009 and did not disappoint. They come in 2WD or 4WD and have a Variable Cylinder Management system for better gas mileage.

Chevy Traverse
This 7 passenger vehicle, not quite as big as the Honda Pilot, gets high marks. Its V-6 is powerful and very fuel efficient.

Toyota Highlander
The most diverse of the 3, the Highland comes in both a 4cylider and 6 cylinder versions. In addition to that, and at an addition $7000, it comes in a hybrid version as well.

The Minivan
The Dodge Caravan takes credit for the first Minivan to hit the streets back in the 1980’s. They were hugely popular form the beginning and have not slowed down a bit. Though they jokingly have the “Soccer Mom” stigma, many people of all ages drive these very useful and practical vehicles.

Chrysler Town and Country
Always rated in the Top 3 of Minivans, the Town and Country combines style with convenience. It signature feature is that all the seats, including the 2nd row, fold flat into the floor without you having to pull them out of the car.

Honda Odyssey
Again, ranked in the Top 3 since in came out. With its full captain’s chairs in the 2nd row, comfort and fuel efficiency are great benefits of the Odyssey. Look for a redesign of this great vehicle in 2010.

Toyota Sienna
Toyota’s 7 passenger vehicle is the only Minivan right now to offer a AWD option.

These are the best of the best and some of the most popular 7 seaters out there. This should get you started with your research and reviews


Source by Bill E. Sheers