The Best Ways To Get Your Commercial Drivers License


Truck driving as a profession offers good money and a secure future. This challenging job has gained popularity due to its numerous benefits. To drive a truck one needs a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) to be able to operate a truck for commercial use. With an increase in the number of truck drivers, the government has made it mandatory to have Commercial Drivers License only after going through certain tests.

There are more than 7 million truck drivers in USA, and trucking forms an important part of the US economy. Hence, it is not easy for everyone who walks in to get a license. A CDL test needs rigorous preparations, and you need a thorough understanding of theory, and practical knowledge. Thus, there are trucking schools and institutions that offer small courses, which last normally between 3 to 4 weeks. However, certain companies may ask you to sign a contract that may require you working for them for at least a period of one year. This can be an advantage for some and a disadvantage for many. In addition, applying through trucking schools can be expensive and you may have to spend up to $ 4000 to $ 5000.

It is best not to approach a truck driving school and do it yourself. One way that you can get your commercial drivers license is studying and going through the book yourself. Then visit a doctor and get the DOT physical form filled that will cost you about $ 50 to $ 60. Later you can visit the Motor Vehicle office and apply for your license. Once you are through your test, you will get a CDL permit that should not cost you more than $ 14. After some practice sessions, you can book a time with a test center and perform your driving skills. The skill test will cost you around $ 100. This means you obtain your Commercial drivers license in just $ 174, unless you have to rent a truck for performing your driving skills.

If you are very keen in getting into the trucking profession you can get yourself enrolled into a Vo-Tech School. It is a truck driving training program and costs you around $1200. After you graduate from a Vo-Tech school, you will have several companies looking out for you. Most companies prefer fresh graduates with commercial drivers’ license and are ready to pay well. You can always consult from other drivers who have passed out from Vo-Tech or directly walk in the school to get better information and guidance.

Some companies help you clear the tests by giving away the answers. However, they do have their rules and regulations along with high fees. Thus, you need to be careful which way to choose when you need to get your commercial drivers license. As per research, Vo-Tech is the most reliable and easy way to get your CDL. These schools work honestly towards creating well-trained drivers and thus many companies give preference to candidate passing out from Vo-Tech. To be successful in the trucking profession you must know the right path to choose to obtain your commercial drivers license. The decisions are yours.


Source by Kris Koonar