The Different Ways Of Car Transport


To most people, car transport is as simple as hiring a car transport service provider, bringing the car to a designated point or having them pick the car up and then bidding the transporters farewell. This is after payment has been made. In reality, moving your car from Point A to Point B, takes more than just one way.


As the name implies, this transport system involves service providers who pick up and deliver your car to your door step. In cases where your house is in a hard-to-reach location, delivery can be to any location convenient to you. This would usually mean the corner nearest to your home or neighborhood. The advantage to this service is that it is ultimately your options of where your car arrives Oftentimes, you can even schedule when you expect the car to be delivered.


As opposed to door-to-door, this transport system requires you to drive your car to the assigned terminal where it would be loaded for transportation. With this system, you have to make sure that you appear at the terminal on the prearranged time; otherwise, you would need to have your car’s transport rescheduled.

Some vehicle transportation providers can also move your car via door-to-terminal and terminal-to-door.


This is considered to be the most secured way of transporting your car primarily because your car gets to be shielded on all sides from the elements. Enclosed car transport services providers usually have a locked-down hauler to ensure that your car would not come toppling down. Because of the level of security that enclosed transport services provide, it costs much more than other transport systems.


One disadvantage of the open car transport service is the fact that your car gets exposed to the elements – wind, rain, sunshine. There is also a possibility that someone could maliciously gain entry to your car. It is, however, the least expensive and one of the most commonly used methods.

Rail Service

Transporting your car via Rail Service is considerably cheaper than by another method such as by trailer, especially if longer routes are involved. A number of car transport services providers even have specially designed rail cars that are made up off up to three decks; capable of carrying up to 200 cars.

Now that you know what each vehicle transportation method is all about as well as what each one can and cannot offer, you are in a position where you can easily decide how you want your car to be transported.


Source by Sam Huff