The HHO Generator – Small Device With Olympic Size Gas Savings


The HHO generator can be retrofitted to your car, truck or bus, and result in increased gas mileage by up to 50%. It’s about your car running on water. The cost of doing this is low and recouped fast as gas prices continue to travel north.

That’s a big claim, and an attractive one at a time when a number of economic and environmental pressures force us to look at fuel and energy use and their emissions.

So, what is it about these HHO kits and HHO plans that can benefit you? HHO gas, or Brown’s gas, is a mix of oxygen and hydrogen, derived from splitting these two elements in water. When added to your gasoline fuel mix in the internal combustion engine is results in a much more efficient combustion process, giving you a lot more gas mileage.

Not so long ago fuel from water was laughed off as nothing more snake oil, sold to gullible people – a HHO scam. But water for fuel, while sounding crazy, does really work. The principle was discovered as far back in 1766 by Henry Cavendish. And you might be surprised to know that the first car to truly run on water did so in 1935 by Henry Garrett.

Now the HHO generator, or “supplemental hydrogen gas generator”, is being sold all over the internet in the form of HHO kit installation instructions. Some good, some not so good.

Problem is, while some do tell you exactly what parts you need and what to do, most people do not have the time or the expertise to make this reality. Their ebook does little more than add to their frustration as they know HHO generators could be an answer to their fuel expenditure but still it remains just out of reach.

Of course, a DIY hydrogen gas generator is something to be proud of and many drivers have successfully built and installed theirs.

If this is not for you, there is an easier option. That is buying a ready-to-install unit that you either install yourself or get your mechanic to. Easy.


There are many ebooks on the subject of HHO kits but fewer HHO kit distributors. You need to do a little research for yourself on that and get on the internet. Here are some things you would be looking for in selecting the best hho kits:

* How soon will you recoup your purchase price?

* HHO generator suitable for the size of your vehicle?

* Reputable site with solid money-back guarantee?

* (Tip: check the site’s ranking details on

* Sold with clear instructions?

* Pre-sale AND post-sale support?

* Reliable testimonials, saying more than that the customer “is happy”?

Bought one? Satisfied? Be aware that in the US or Canada you may even qualify for a clean fuel tax incentive so your gas-saving unit comes cheaper than you think. Make your saving Olympic size!

Driving your water fuel car will make you feel good every time you save money when filling up. And you’re doing your bit in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Source by Erik Leipoldt