The Most Common Causes of Car Accidents


The number of Car Accident claims and Car Accident Injury Claims made to several insurance companies has always been on a large scale. Accidents in the thousands are caused all over the UK in a single day. Accidents can occur due to a fault in the car, but most of the accidents that take place are due to a mistake or negligence on the driver’s part.

The greatest cause of most accidents is recklessness by the driver. Recklessness usually cause roll over accidents, which are a major cause of fatalities. Accidents can also be caused due to intoxication or lack of driving experience. The use of drugs and alcohol by drivers can be very dangerous on the road. Age is also an important factor and is highly correlated with Car accidents. Research shows that accidents occur the most in young people between 15 and 20 years of age, and old people who are above 70. This is because of the lack of control over the vehicle and in case of young people, the lack of experience. Insurance companies specify the driver’s age and experience before providing insurance and they don’t entertain any Car Accident Compensation Claims if any of the conditions are violated.

Many accidents are caused due to the driver’s negligence, for example, not wearing a seatbelt. Other than this, most accidents are caused by the driver’s distraction. The most common of these is the driver talking to passengers and not paying full attention to the road. Other than that, being occupied with the radio or CD is also a distraction that causes accidents. Talking on the mobile or playing with any other gadget while driving really distracts drivers, and may result in an accident.

Rubbernecking is another major cause of Car Accidents. Rubbernecking refers to the act of quickly slowing down the car and paying attention to something outside (such as another accident). This can be very dangerous, and another car may run into yours. Tailgating is also a cause of many car accidents. Tailgating is when a driver follows another car at a very close distance. In such cases, it is very difficult to slow down or stop the car immediately and you may hit the car in front of yours. If insurance companies discover that an accident was caused by the driver’s own fault, they might not fulfil the Car Accident Claim.

Keeping all these causes in mind, many different road regulations have been introduced and following these rules is an obligation. Some of these are the use of seatbelts, prohibition on use of cell phones and other gadgets while driving, and age and speed limits on the road. These regulations have contributed to some extent in reducing the car accidents and their fatalities.


Source by David Halbert