The Thriving Industry of Car Bumper Repair Industry


Cardiff, the biggest city and capital of Wales,has its history as the center of coal, iron and copper, and tin trading. Such industries are important in global trading. Cardiff lies at the centre of three river systems, the Taff, the Ely and the Rhymney and because of its strategic location people in Cardiff were able to control the inflow and outflow of boats and goods, thereby controlling trade. Forts were built in Cardiff by the romans as a result of this logistical advantage. Another testament of its logistical advantage was the construction of Medieval Castles, one of the most important ones was the one built by Robert Fitzhammon in 1091. That castle still stands at the heart of the city

Cardiff’s car bumper repair industry is also thriving. With the history of Cardiff as great craftsman due to their knowledge in shipbuilding, many generations of ship builders and metal workers have imparted their know how to the auto repair industry. With the number of vehicles passing through the city every day, the car bumper repair business in Cardiff promises to be one where continued growth and sustainability is truly viable.

Some of the many car bumper repair auto shops in Cardiff are as follows:

– Fix Auto Cardiff which is an approved Crash Repair Centre for models like Toyota, Lexus, Nissan and Citroen. This company can give you free estimates while you wait and guarantees all work. They are also the choice company for Insurance Work and Courtesy Car Work. They also do Smart Repairs, and MOT’s.

– LVV does trim repairs and alloy wheels. They specialize in minor dings and dents, cosmetic paint repairs, air conditioning service and are a fully mobile service.

– A & D Vehicle Repair Center specializes in car body repairs and re sprays. They also do accident and plastic repair for all makes and models and undertake all insurance work.

– S & E motor repairs have been around since 1971 and do all aspects of Body Repairs and specialize in their High Quality Paint Oven Finishes. They also do plastic bumper repair and welding and offer free estimates and cover insurance claims work for automobiles.

– Dents Plus offers the paintless dent removal system and is a fully mobile service for all makes and models at very competitive prices.

These are but some samples of the many car bumper repair companies in Cardiff. Most of these car bumper repair companies value your time and your money and are able to repair your vehicle within the day provided there is no paint job needed. With the advent of the internet and mobile phone technology, they can easily give you a free estimate of the repair needed if they receive photos of the damage to your car. They also do insurance work coverages.


Source by Steven Magill