Things to look in for before buying a camper van


Before buying a camper van you should inspect and check the vehicle properly. If you don’t check the vehicle properly you may have to pay expensive repair bills.

If you notice engines are very complicated and expensive to check. But if you check the engine properly before buying it may benefit you. Engine may disturb people because it creates unhealthy noise. So check the engine properly before buying it. Check for oil leaks. See where the vehicle has been parked and check the ground under the engine. If the engine is free from oil leaks it is considered a very good sign. A cam belt is one of the important parts of the engine. It is also expensive to repair. In most of the engines timing belt has to be changed every 60,000 miles. A sticker would be attached on the engine which will help you in knowing when the cam belt was last changed. Engines with timing chains typically don’t need changing, which is good. Always check the radiator before buying a camper van. Radiator should be intact and healthy. Also check the steam and smoke coming out of the exhaust. Both are a bad sign. Do check the oil level on the dipstick. If the dipstick is low it shows the owner has not cared for the engine.

Check for a blow head gasket. It is very expensive to replace. There are a few ways of checking a blow head gasket. Take the oil filler cap off and look inside the engine head. Take the oil dipstick out. Signs of white residue suggest a blown head gasket. While test driving the engine the water level in the radiator expansion tank has gone down a lot, there is a chance this water has gone into the engine, hence a blown head gasket. Make sure that hoses and pipes are clean.

Also make sure that the whole vehicle is free from rust. This includes checking the roof, inside the wheel arches, underneath the edges of the floor and all around each door. Check the front and rear box, wheel arches etc. Do check the transmission. Make sure there are no oil leeks from the gearbox. All gearboxes will seep a little oil over the years. While driving the vehicle go to a car park and turn the vehicle on full lock. If there is a knocking sound the steering knuckle probably needs replacing. Check the CV joints are intact and not split. Do check rear-wheel drive. Check for leaks at the gearbox and the rear differential. Also check the rear differential if it makes lot of noise, it needs oil. Get under and grab the prop-shaft.

If you make use of this information you will be able to choose a great camper van.


Source by kusuma