Tips For Helping To Teach Your Children To Recycle At Home


Not only is it the responsibility of adults to take care of the environment, but it’s also the responsibility of children as well. While it may not sound very fun to them, waste recycling is something that can be exciting if you show it to your children in just the right way, especially at home.

Here are some useful tips to make note of in order to help get this process started!

  • Practice What You Preach

Perhaps the best thing that you can do is to lead by example. For instance, separate all of your paper, glass, plastic, etc. into brightly coloured bins. Allow your children to watch as you do this so that they know that this is the proper thing to do with items that can be recycled rather than just throwing them away or placing them in any rubbish disposal bin.

  • Turn Recycling into Something Fun

Many children tend to think of waste recycling as a chore, which is what makes them not really want to have any part of it. However, you can turn this task into something fun by making a game out of it. For instance, the end result of the game could be whoever obtains the most items that are able to be recycled! Of course, you can come up with your own unique rules.

  • Give Your Children Extra Incentives

Explain to your children that they can earn extra pocket money simply by recycling, which is an extra incentive that they’re sure to enjoy! Additionally, you could also choose to offer them a few extra incentives for collecting extra materials that can be recycled, such as candy or some other type of special reward that you can think of. The thought of incentives such as these will surely inspire them to want to recycle more and approach waste disposal the right way!

  • Donate Recyclable Items to Charity

As we all know, children will always outgrow old clothes, books, and toys as they get older. Instead of bagging the clothes and preparing them for rubbish clearance or storing them somewhere in your home, consider taking them to a local thrift store, which will teach your children that these items can still be put to good use by other children, especially if the items are still in a good enough condition. Additionally, this will also show your children that helping others is always a good thing to do!

  • Show Your Children How to Recycle Water

Water is something that is constantly used every single day. Because of this, it’s extremely important to teach your children how it can be recycled rather than wasted. For instance, let them know that whenever they are brushing their teeth, they should turn off the tap, or even better, they can collect water in the sink to be put to use for something else later on, as well as reusing bathing water to help flush the toilet in the bathroom.

  • Praise All of Their Efforts

Always do your best to encourage your children to come up with different ideas to engage in recycling at home and proper waste removal. Whenever they do, give them praise for all of their efforts, as this will always encourage them to continue to seek out new ways to recycle. This also includes giving them praise for using methods that you may have already taught them.

  • Always Use Recyclable Shopping Bags

It’s no secret that a lot of children take trips to the grocery store with their parents on a regular basis. Take this opportunity to teach them that they can help to save the environment by carrying around recyclable shopping bags instead of the more traditional plastic bags while shopping.

  • Create Your Own Crafts

Rather than putting recyclable items into rubbish disposal bins, you can instead use them to create crafts that can become useful around various areas of your home. For instance, you can create storage jars and cans out of the aforementioned materials, as well as put old paper to all sorts of uses. And when you get your children involved in the creative process, they’ll be able to come up with all sorts of ideas!

  • Make the Rubbish Removal Process Simple

Regardless of the way that you want to get your children involved, always remember to keep things simple rather than make everything complicated. Always make sure that your recycling bins are clearly marked according to the specific materials that are designed to be placed into them. You can even get more creative by placing funny labels on the bins. Furthermore, always remind your children how important it is to recycle!


Source by Scarlet Fletcher