Tips for SMMEs in choosing a web design company for their projects


In 2016, the need for all businesses to have a website is no longer a luxury. It has become as important as having a telephone line in the office, if not more. This need has resulted in the proliferation of more and more web design agencies, who are keen to take full advantage of the growing market.

These days it is hard not to find an advert for “web design services” in directories, on social media, search engines and in the print media. Businesses are spoilt for choice. With this abundance of choices comes the challenge of making the right business decision of choosing a web design company for your project.

We have heard of the many stories of unsatisfied SMME clients who complained of how they never got what they bargained for or how their expectations were just not met.

Here are a few tips on how to begin your search for a web design company.


Determining how much you are willing to spend for a web project will help you know which agency to approach. Some web design agencies mostly deal with small businesses while others work with big corporates (and have no time nor place for small budgets).

In addition, while some may charge a flat rate for their services, others charge on an hourly basis. Any of these of options will have an impact on your budget.

If the company charges per hour, they usually have a time management system to keep track of progress. This information should be made available for the duration of the project.

Just a piece of advice: never choose a web design agency only because they offer services at lower prices. You may regret it.

Track record

Never be moved by all the promises. Ask for previous examples of similar work done in the form portfolios or web links. For instance, if your web project is a crowdfunding e-commerce website, then surely your agency of choice must have a track record of a similar kind.

After looking at the portfolio and still want to find out more, you can request for references to previous clients who should be able to provide a firsthand experience on how the web design company handles projects and treats its customers.

Remember, the record must speak for itself!


Communication is key in every area of our lives; choosing a web design agency for your business website is no exception. The agency’s availability must rank high on the list of things to look out for.

Communication goes both ways, so your company must also be available to the agency. If as a result of time constraints you will not be available for the duration of the project, appoint someone in your team to handle all communications to ensure free flow of information.

From the onset, both parties must clearly determine what channels of communication will be used during the project i.e. email, phone, Skype, WhatsApp etc.

Remember, delay in communication invariably means delay in project delivery.

Additional Services

All web projects will need additional ongoing services such as search engine optimization, PPC, maintenance and upgrades after completion.

Are you willing to allow another company manage some or all these services after the project? If your answer is no, then choose a web design company that provides these additional services as well. This will enhance continuity.

After all the above, make sure to choose an agency you will enjoy working with in the long-term; an agency that shares common culture and values with your company.

In conclusion

Using these tips will go a long way in helping you minimize problems in the future.

Firstly, it will help ensure effective cost management.

Secondly, it help you know in advance what quality of work to expect from the chosen agency.

Thirdly, it will ensure efficient time and communication management through pre-agreed channels.

Last, but not the least, it help establish what services will be needed after project completion and whether or not the chosen agency has the team and skills to manage future service requirements.

Good luck as you set out in your journey for the most suitable web design company for your project.

Please drop by again to let me know how these tips were helpful in your search.


Source by Dan Boateng