Tips to Improve Your Toyota Premio's Fuel Efficiency


Did you know that increasing your Toyota Premio’s fuel efficiency is just a matter of keeping your car in shape, driving more efficiently, and planning trips? This is the simplified version of the tips you will be learning about today. The Premio is already fuel-efficient thanks to its CVT, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add to your fuel savings! You will also be saving precious resources as well—and this is something the world really needs right now.

Here are the simple things you can do to add to your Premio’s mileage.

Make sure the engine is properly tuned. The secret to having optimized fuel use is a well-functioning engine. Simple engine maintenance is important if you want your car running smoothly, and can improve mileage by 4%.

Observe the speed limit. Driving like a demon might bring you to hell and waste tons of gas as well. Studies show that as a car reaches its optimal fuel economy, mileage decreases rapidly if the car is speeding at above 50 miles per hour. Therefore, driving at the speed limit or at a slightly lower speed improves the Toyota Premio’s fuel efficiency, mostly because the engine won’t have to exert extra power. Driving at a much faster speed also means you are pitting the Premio against more drag forces, making the car work twice as hard—and use up more fuel—to push its way through air. Adjust your time to give yourself extra minutes to reach your destination without using up more gas than you have to.

Idle moderately. If you think you will be staying on idle for more than a minute, turn off the engine instead. Idling more than you have to wastes gas. By reducing the amount of time you spend idling, you will be improving your mileage by as much as 19%. Some countries make use of “timed” traffic light that indicates the number of seconds until the light changes. If you have this where you drive, use it wisely!

See a yellow light? Step off the gas. And no, yellow doesn’t mean “go faster.” To facilitate slowing down your car, step off the accelerator as soon as you see a yellow light.

Plan your trip. If you can, plan your errands in such a way that you will be able to do them all in one round, preferably in one day. Scheduling your trip and plotting out your route helps to increase the Toyota Premio’s fuel efficiency, and helps you practice your organizing skills as well. For example, since the market is on the way to the Laundromat, you might want to head there first, instead of going to do the laundry first, then going home, then leaving again for the market. Multi-tripping also saves you time. If you’ll only be doing an errand in the next block, leave the car and choose to walk or ride a bicycle instead—the best way to save gas is to not use a car, anyway.

If you don’t need it, ditch it. Excess weight in the car is a burden to the engine, which has to use up more gas to pull the car along. If your destination is your office, do leave your heavy bowling ball behind!

Do these simple tips and watch your Toyota Premio’s fuel efficiency improve week after week!


Source by Kyoko Nitori