Tire Care-Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Tires


Quality car tires can increase your safety on the road by many times. It can also save you a lot if you take care that you are using car tires in the right conditions since good and well-maintained tires will give you better mileage that any other.

Let’s look at some of the important tips on how to maintain the four wheels of your vehicle and take care of those, so that the wheels last long in good conditions.

Always maintain the correct tire pressure for your car wheels. You will get the tire pressure specification in the glove compartment or on the sides of your car doors. If you maintain the correct tire pressure, then the car will run smoothly giving you a good mileage. Tires with low tire pressure than is required will drag on the road creating friction which will eventually cost your less mileage. Tires in right pressure ensure a good balance on the road, better handling and grip.

Whenever the temperature drops drastically, check the tire pressure. The pressure within the tire falls too with a drop in temperature. This will eventually lead to more resistance on the road or on the snow for your vehicle. For a drop of ten degrees of Fahrenheit, there is a drop of one pound of pressure within the tire. So ensure that the tire pressure is well-maintained whenever there is a drop in temperature or a drastic change in weather conditions.

Always rotate your tires. This helps in equal amount of wear and tear for all the tires. Tires should ideally be rotated once in every six months.

The type of tire that you are using whether radial or bias belted will depend upon the car you are using and will also dictate the kind of care you should take for each. The radial tires cause less friction with the road, thereby making the engine work smoothly and give a better mileage.

Consult a tire professional while choosing your replacement tire. Your replacement tire should ideally have a rolling resistance that is on the lower side of the scale which will in turn give a better fuel efficiency.

Last but not the least is the wheel alignment. Always ensure that the wheels are properly aligned. This is not just for your safety, better handling of the car and fuel efficiency but also to ensure uniform wear and tear for the tire. Badly aligned wheels will again lead to dragging of the car on the road and if the tires are off balance then that would compromise on the stability of the car on road.

You will be surprised if you follow the tips above continuously for a month or so. You will immediately start noticing the increased fuel efficiency of your car, the better handling and maneuverability of your vehicle. Every car has its own specific tire type that goes best with it. For better performance always choose one and enjoy safe driving.


Source by Gregg Hall