Tonneau Cover Affects Fuel Economy!


Most motorists have the faintest idea about tonneau covers. It may sound like a misnomer but the tonneau cover really affects auto fuel economy. How do you explain it? Basic math can do the talking.

According to studies, the tonneau cover boosts fuel economy. A recent study conducted by Western New England College’s Department of Mechanical Engineers stated: “The best way to reduce drag, and improve gas mileage for pickup trucks, is to add a tonneau cover.” The study yielded gas mileage savings of 8 per cent by adding the tonneau cover to a Dodge Ram. Experts are saying that car truck owners just need to do simple math to be a living witness of the link between tonneau covers and fuel economy.

“Tonneau covers on pickup boxes reduce aerodynamic drag,” said Ford’s Jack Williams. “We’ve seen reductions of about 8 to 10 percent on the F150. The average steady-state [cruise control] fuel economy improvement at highway speeds is closer to 5 percent.”

Auto tonneau covers are getting more and more famous each day. Fiberglass tonneau covers, for instance, deliver extra storage capabilities yet maintain the stylishness of trucks. In addition, auto tonneau covers help enhance truck mileage without compromising loads and possessions. These features make truck tonneau covers very popular auto accessories. Such popularity leads to a constantly increasing production linked to increased demands.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of tonneau covers available. These covers are designed to cater to different kinds and models of trucks. They are also engineered to match the color, style and other needs of various trucks. With the wide selection, a truck owner could be confused in choosing the best tonneau cover however; the solution is to choose according to the truck’s demands.

Truck tonneau covers are available in six categories according to ease of use and installation, price range, capability, protection and durability. These categories are hard tonneau covers, soft roll up tonneaus, hinged tonneaus, toolbox tonneaus, retractable or roll top tonneaus, and cross bow tonneaus.

To enhance the look and value of a truck, one good thing to do is install a high-quality tonneau cover. According to some real truckers, it pays off to spend money on a high-quality tonneau. This is because the latter would definitely create a positive statement.

Just a word of caution from real truckers and certified tonneau dealers: make sure that you are purchasing an original tonneau. There are some tonneau covers that are offered at a very low price. There are truckers who are deceived by tonneau covers’ appearance that made them make instant purchase only to find out later on that they are not genuine.

The soft-top tonneau cover is more affordable than its hard-top counterpart. Therefore, a trucker can make a choice according to his personal preference, taste and affordability. With regards maintenance, tonneau covers are washed in the same manner as the rest of your truck. Nonetheless, the use of dashboard-cleaning agent is not recommended by manufacturers. Also, if the trucker wanted a more durable tonneau cover that is less susceptible to damage, he should purchase the locking and hard shell. Truckers said that quality brands for security requirements include Truxedo and Extang.


Source by Joe Thompson