Top 5 Name Card Design Techniques Of 2016


With the ever present need to create a lasting brand awareness in order to thrive in the concrete jungle, standing out from the rest of your competitors is vital. The very first step in doing so is to generate positive impressions and interest from potential clients and investors. This is where name cards come into the picture. Here are the top 5 name card design techniques of 2016 you should be incorporating into your name cards:


1. Translucency and Colour

How often is it that you come across a translucent name card? Not often- and that’s why you remember when you have! Translucency is a neat subtle way in getting attention, curiousity and earning you a thumbs up in the creative department. Experiment with multiple colour combinations to create overlay effects or even make use of blank space in ink to make out details. Colour and light are your best friends when it comes to translucent name cards, giving them an ethereal overall look.


2. Cut

An excellent name card does not always have to come in the form of a rectangle! Expand your creativity by exploring the advantages and wonder differently cut shapes can bring to you- like a square, an octagon and such. As long as they fit into a wallet, virtually any shape is possible to use! If you’re able to combine typography and shapes to form a name card, that would be ideal!


3. Additional Elements

Additional elements like card sleeves and the like are a lovely way to add a little touch of luxury to your name cards. It can incite excitement or curiosity as clients have to slide or open the sleeve to take out your card, like opening a small gift. Additional elements also show that your company pays attention to detail and professionalism.


4. Materials and Texture

Texture and materials are an effective yet rarely explored aspect of design that others have yet to try out. This is why by stepping up and being one of the first few to experiment with different materials- hand pressed wood textures, indentations, unconventional materials and more, you will be introducing creativity and a reputation for innovation to your list of good qualities clients can be impressed by.


5. Interactivity

Designing for interactivity can be an ideal technique to adopt if you want to increase engagement. Interactive name cards using elements like peel away stickers, 3D effects or even allowing clients to turn them into paper art and the like are a subtle way to impress potential investors or clients with innovativeness.

These 5 name card design techniques are emerging with fast growing popularity amongst entrepreneurs and corporations looking to gain an edge in terms of marketing. Why not incorporate some of these techniques in your own name card design and see where it takes you?


Source by Morris Edwards